Scaling train to tracks and seats to train


I’ve I’m in the progress of making a train in Blender for Roblox and its my first 3D model of a Vehicle that you can walk around but I am having trouble scaling seats to fit into the train. Either the seats are too small for passengers and the train or the seats are too big for the train and not enough room to fit the seats. I have exported a dummy from Roblox and I’ve also exported the track from Roblox to size the train correctly onto the tracks and to get the size of how big seats should be

How wide the train is:
How wide the train is

The Roblox dummy inside of the train:

Size comparison between the dummy and the seats:

Basically, I am needing help to scale the seats without making the train be wider than the Tracks whilst scaling the seats upwards to fit with the dummy and allowing room in the middle of each pair of seats for Players to walk in between.

If anyone has any ideas and could help me please let me know! I will be more than happy to send along a Blender file so you can test out your ideas.

Thank you!

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If you made the model I would personally just extend the wideness of the train (leaving the track and wheel width the same), from the picture you added it seems as you could take the yellow piece up and widen it slightly to accommodate the center gap of for the chairs.

Another option is completely rethinking your chair layout / design and go for a more bench or back to wall design.

One last thing if all else doesn’t seem appealing is import the chairs as a separate mesh into the game and non-collide them, allowing people to walk thru them.

(PS just as a modelers take I would raise the chairs height in general they seem pretty low to the ground)

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Hey, thank you for your reply!

I have though about that but the problem is when the train drives it will get stuck going around corners.

I have also thought about that but I wanted the front half of the train to be the layout it currently is and then on the other half of the train for it to be back to wall design and I think it would look weird for seats to be back to wall for the whole train and then its not realistic because one of the reasons I think trains use this layout is so people don’t have to sit with each other on the train.

Haha, I didn’t intend for it to be this low I planned to raise them a bit to match with height of characters.

An idea I’ve thought of is to just resize Roblox characters in general but then its too much of a hassle for buildings, cars, and other things.

If you come up with any other ideas, please let me know.

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An idea I’ve came up with is to have enough room for players to walk in between and then when a player sits down they will resize to fit on the seats.

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Thats so much unnecessary work, when you could just import them separate and non-collide the middle or both seats. Or even if you want to keep collision somewhat accurate place an invisible hitbox thats smaller than the chair to allow people to walk only down the middle lane and still collide with both chairs.

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True, I’ll figure something out… I hope.

Thanks for the idea though!

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The seats are not the problem. The ratio of the dummy to the train is unbalanced. A real train would have a corridor at least 2 ~ 3 dummies wide, while yours has only 1.5 dummy length. The only way to fix this is to scale the train larger proportionally and scale the tracks in relation to that too. That is the only way to fix the seat problem.

I’ve managed to find the sizes of the train in real life and it includes how wide the tracks are and I’ve come up with another idea for the game that could help.