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About me

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob but in Roblox my username is Schylon, I’m a current programmer of the platform called Roblox, I’m still learning the world of Scripting. I’m also a programmer of JavaScript, I make Ranking Bots connected with Roblox API, all these bots for Discord.

Previous Experience

Previous Experience

Showcase Projects

Previous Projects (Showcase)
Method of work

:man_technologist: Method of Work :man_technologist:

  • You must give me credits for the project.
  • You must be detailed about what do you want.
  • You must pay a part of the entire payment before start working on your project.


Payment Method
  • Robux payment.
  • Paypal payment.


Contact Me!


Discord: Schylon#4014

If you have any questions feel free to send a Private Message or just reply to this article.