Hello, I’m a new developer and I recently built this for my game, I was pretty proud of it and here it is.
It’s a work in progress so any feedback is appreciated.




Some things to consider about the design

  1. Increase the usage the Neon material on the floor and walls.
  2. The blue part on the middle of the floor looks weird. I’d prefer making it a wire enclosure.
  3. The signs(“Gene Therapy” and “Medical Bay”) throw the design off.

Other than that, the proportions and geometry definitely look Sci-Fi.

Thanks for the feedback, I was considering some sort of neon material along some of the walls, mostly along the empty spaces, I do plan to keep the signs because otherwise players might get lost while exploring the facility.

Looks awesome! I’m really getting space station/ship vibes from this. Maybe one thing you might want to possibly look into is better lighting. Maybe have some more shadows during the day and slightly less oppressive during the night xD But overall looks amazing!

Looks great! Looks a bit too dark at night though.