Sci-Fi Hallway Showcase

Hey everyone! I’ve been developing a showcase for myself and I got the first little bit of it done. Here, below, is a hallway I made for the showcase. Please let me know what you think of it and if there is anything I could do to improve. Thanks!


That looks amazing! good job if you change lighting to future im sure it will look nicer :happy1:

Really incredible stuff! Looks awesome! I also like the particle emitters. I feel like there should be a few vents on the floor, like there are on the roof and walls. Just a question, how do you get the little tag thing next to your name that says “Builder.” Thanks and great work!

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Wow! That looks really awesome!! I really like you use of blue neon blocks to make it look alot more futuristic!

You just gotta go to your profile (up top right), and then click the button labelled “preferences” and you can select your title.

Thanks so much! :grinning:

Hey! Your work is very impressive!

A few tips for you, Sci-Fi is very abstract and it’s unique style is what makes it so appealing to look at! So far, I believe you nailed the overall base of your build. Now, to bring it to the next level, you need to throw some more detail in it! A few suggestions would be throwing in a control panel, adding some debris on the floor, and possibly making some of the wires disconnected. Don’t repeat these details too many times, they should remain fairly subtle.

I still feel as if the neon along the walls and roof need to be a bit more dull, as it seems too flashy at the moment. You can also enhance the atmosphere by adding a light smoke effect at the ends of the corridor, along with making the ambient slightly darker.

The Roof:
I do find the attention to detail in the roof very impressive, all I can suggest is possibly having more complex shapes with minor detail to help create more depth. Possibly some emergency lights as well, depending on the overall theme!

Overall, great work, especially in the early stages of development! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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I’ll take the neon into consideration. I do plan to add control panels, but not to the hallway part. Since this is just a plain hallway, there will be another piece that will include a control panel and a door. Thank you for the advice.

Looks so cool looks like the space station good job keep up the good work

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Thank you everyone for your kind words!