Sci - Fi Project/Showcase

Space Ship Sci-Fi Project.

I’m working on this for practice, probably not going to be a full-on showcase. But, there are a lot of Sci-Fi ‘Hallway’ showcases, so I’m trying to put as much originality as possible.

I don’t want it to be just a hallway, ya know. :joy:
This isn’t the whole showcase, there is another room, no spoilers lol
Anything I should add?

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4


It’s very well-made in my opinion, though I would suggest if you could make the lights a little bit brighter because, honestly , the lights appear to be a little bright for users who are going to play your game.

I actually, like the way you made your Sci-fi showcase, it really had a good appearance when it comes to sci-fi, in my opinion.

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I love your sci-fi project. You might wanna add more detail on the door, for example the number of the door or sector (i.e 05) I can give a photo of an idea for the door.


Also, signs on the door like “Caution” or “Keep clear”. More lights, some numbers. Anything you can imagine!

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It looks really good! But there’s not much detail on the door. Maybe adding a texture or changing its material to metal, would make the door look better. Other than that, good work! :wink:

Woah bro this is sick!

Some feedback could be to jazz up this corridor because it’s pretty much a repeat the whole way. Maybe add like closing doors half way in or some operating panels. Add something on the corridor just so it’s not just a repeat. Other than that, this is an amazingly built showcase, can’t wait to see it finished! You should be very proud of yourself, keep it up! :smiley:

Is this roblox or a picture taken in another application?

It’s so good that I don’t think it’s actually roblox.

It would be absolute sickery if you turned it into an audio visualiser with colored smoke and ambient music

Its good, but holy moly is it bright!? turn the brightness down and it’ll be 100000000 times better. best of luck :smiley:

Sorry lol i’m a glow addict. May have added color changing glow effects . . . :kissing:

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I’m adding a server room to cut of the constant pattern of hallway, lol. I’m adding more rooms than just a room - hallway - something at the end of the hallway -. But adding rooms in the hallway. Lel

I really like it! It looks like something from a sci - fi movie. The only thing is that there are so many lights. It could be fixed by altering how bright the lights are.

ASJHD AB xd well gl with it anyway!


Looks really cool. Keep it up!