Scientific Site Developer Recruitment

Hello, I am from the Iota-Genesis Corporation, and we are looking for 1 builder and 1 scripter in-order to build a small site for us however you will recieve some support in building/scripting from me and colleagues as I am a developer myself.

The Job:

If you’re a builder you will be helping build the 1-4 sectors with me and progressing as time goes on including different types of rooms, etc…

If you’re a scripter you’ll be helping script different models that needs scripting, basically like a team y’know?

You’ll also need to have a discord account and able to contact and communicate with us through discord in-order to get the job done.

Base Pay:

Since this is a small job the base pay is from 200 robux and upwards/downwards, depending on the quality of the site that is being built.

Contact Me:

If you are interested in working with us please give me a dm: networkblocked#2326.

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