SCP Aftermath Information

SCP Aftermath is a roleplay game that is meant to be a continuation of the game SCP Containment Breach


6 days after the breach of [REDACTED] Site-19 was in a complete state of chaos. SCP subjects were littered everywhere and Chaos Insurgency has set up a camp near the site, location: unknown. Mobile Task Force[REDACTED] were sent in to inspect the facility before the maintence crew came to clean up. 8 months later, the site is running as normal with the addition of an airbase for quick entry of MTF units.

Update List:


New main GUI, settings and credits along with minor fixes.


Major map update, mainly with scenery outside the facility, also Gate C was added and new lighting systems.


Major weapon system overhaul and new SCP-173, along with an SCP-106 Gate-A breach function.


New animations.


Many new rooms have been added, also a Class-D weapon dealer and multiple new teams.


SCP-682 and its chamber has been added, along with breach event capabilities.


The game is released