[SCP] Area - 14 Information

This game is still under development (This post is for getting the game ready)

The SCP Foundation needs your help on keeping this facility safe!
Prevent any SCP Breaches. Contain any breaches with roles you want to use.
The SCP Foundation exhibits Anomalies that no one has seen before… These Anomalies can be dangerous or safe. No matter what, these Anomalies are not always great when they are out… How ever, safe SCPS can come out such as SCP - 999 or more that are classifed as safe.
This facility was destroyed in 1939 from a bomb. The building was rebuilt in the 1970s. This facility was build in to contain what the public can’t see…
Some places will still be under construction and is still destroyed.
Follow the high ranks. As a Class-D, do as instructed to or you can be taken for briefing or you can be terminated.


Game rules:

  1. Exploiting is bannable.

  2. Listen to mods

  3. Do not use any third party glitches/exploits

  4. Follow Roblox’s TOS

  5. Do not abuse any Rank

  6. No Scamming

  7. Do not Bully