[SCP] Area-14 ROLEPLAY v.4.8.6 Update Log and Credit

This post will mostly be used to prevent wasting space from the game description.

Pocket Dimension Update

  • Added different walkspeed and footsteps
  • Fixed the Brightness
  • Revamped the Warzone round

Upcoming Changes:
SCP-939 and 049 pathfinding optimization

A huge thanks to my dev team:
-BrianNovius (For most of the scripts and optimization)
-agrathore (For some scripted models, schematics and new areas he worked on)
-Artycular (Participated and helped in building, revamped roads, added new uniforms…)
-ItsWAWGaming (For his participation and tutorials for meshes such as HCZ Doors and SCP-895’s camera)
-NighttEdge (For working on the BreachEvent)
-Marioplaysgames (For SCP-294 and his participation during the beginning of Area-14 development)
-Ksuose (Also participated during the development at the very beginning)

I also give a huge respect to these following users and apologizing for using their models:
-CJ4 (For his SCP-323 model)
-Brutez (To have used few of his sounds and textures when I was not uploading mine, you should check out his profile he is a wonderful developer that I admire)
-DirectorScruffy (For the Gate A and B exterior and facility design inspired of his Site-40)