[SCP] Area-43 ROLEPLAY OPEN BETA v.1.1.2 Update Log and Credit

This post will mostly be used to prevent wasting space from the game description.

  • Fixed PA
  • Optimized SCP-173 script

(Alot of things are still in progress for the next update)

Keep in mind that this game is still in BETA and may have bugs, expect alot of updates.

Upcoming Changes:
SCP-049 pathfinding optimization
Core improvements
Tool revamps

A huge thanks to my dev team:
-utility_software (For making several scripts and UI, including the core)
-zMiez (For the guns, animating NPCs and other tools)
-AmusedCrepe (For making some UIs and scripting the Pressure doors)
-KristoferWasHere (For helping me alot building the map and landscape)

GFX Designers:

Thanks to the developers who participated in the development.
-NotSoDreamsDev (For making his wonderful NPC models)
-BrianNovius (For most of the scripts and optimization)
-ArcenIcee (For finishing and fixing alot of scripts, the Core meltdown and optimizations)
-Ksuose (For his help with the ragdoll script)
-ComplexGrounds (For making the elevators)
-FoxwelI (For his Voice Acting and few other areas that he improved)

Thanks to dusek_br for his Tactical vests

Big thanks to all of them and also my HRs and Staff Team ! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: