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SCP:F | Level Applications

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Please read the following information before applying, failure to do so may result in your application being denied.

  • The cooldown period is 12 hours. This means that if you were denied or accepted, you have to wait 12 hours before you can send another one.

  • Do not send applications for the specific level if you do not meet the requirements.

  • Do not ask executives or above to read your application, doing so will result in it being denied immediately.

  • Upload your application to the correct communication network channel.

Level-0 Application

Requirements: Join the Group
Level-0 | For Official Use Only


1. Explain the purpose of a Security Operative within the foundation.

2. Provide an explanation of what Level-0 personnel generally do within the foundation.

3. Explain the 3 main classifications currently used by the Foundation; these classifications given to SCP Objects/Entities.

4. Select a GOI of your choice from the SCP wiki’s and give a basic description of what this GOI’s main objective is.

5. If you plan on joining any departments in the future, what departments would they be?

Level-1 Application

Requirements : Achieve the rank of Level-0 within the Foundation
Level-1 | Confidential


1. Explain the purpose of Class-C Personnel and how they fit in to the Foundation.

2. Explain what getting Level-1 Clearance within the Foundation allows you to do and the general duties you have once you receive it.

3. Explain what the Foundation’s Mobile Task Force is generally tasked with doing, and how they benefit the foundation.

4. Explain how Class-D within the Foundation should be treated overall.

5. If you were to be questioned by a member of the Foundation’s Internal Security Department, how would you react?

Level-2 Application

Requirements : Achieve the rank of Level-1 within the Foundation and join one department
Level-2 | Restricted


1. Explain the general new responsibilities you will get when becoming Level-2 personnel, and what you will be expected to do.

2. Who is the Administrator, and what general purpose does he/she have within the foundation as a whole?

3. How would you react if suddenly a Class-D was to breach out of the designated CDC and started firing a weapon towards fellow Foundation personnel?

4. Name at least 3 SCP’s, their object class and give a basic description for each one.

5. Explain why the object classifications are generally used within the Foundation.

Level-3 Application

Requirements : Achieve the rank of Level-2 within the Foundation and join one department
Level-3 | Secret


1. Give an in-depth explanation on one of the proposals for SCP-001, explain how it is unique compared to the others.

2. What are Level-4 and Level-5’s main jobs within the Foundation, how do they benefit it as a whole?

3. How does the Overseer Head benefit the Foundation as a whole and why is one needed?

4. How would you attempt to reach Level-4 clearance within the Foundation?

5. If one of your friends within the Foundation was to tell you they are going to go rogue, would you report them; if so who to?

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