SCP:F | Site - 170 Guideliines

*The following is an official set of rules which has been created for the roleplaying community and general playing audience of the Roblox game: Site 170 RP


  1. Random death matching is strictly prohibited, this essentially means you may not go around shooting people for no valid reason.
  2. Abusing the games radio system is not allowed, for example spamming the radio with advertisements.
  3. Harassing other users within the game is not allowed.
  4. Abusing glitches is prohibited and can carry a ban penalty. If you find a glitch within the game you are to report it to a developer.
  5. Exploiting is strictly prohibited, doing so will land yourself a ban pretty quickly.
  6. Refunds for any product under our game or group will not be allowed unless there is a serious issue. For example, not being able to get access to a gamepass you bought


Our game has quite an active moderation team, if you need help with anything in-game, feel free to speak to one of the many moderators. Moderators in the game will also be of use to you if you wish to report a rule breaker.

Thank you for taking your time to read the official rules for Site 170 RP
, we hope you have a good playing experience!