SCP Foundation searching 2 Builders [OPEN]

Hello, my name is Flauschi and iam one of the two Owners / Founders of this Project. We are aiming towards bringing a new and innovative game with actual RP and not just players paying for ranks and messing around. This concept includes a leveling system with unlockable ranks in every department and automatic promotion in departments. Most of the departments will be application only, but this will be handled trough an application center, so there wont be any trolls getting high ranks.
Also, if you are wondering why we are looking for new builders, heres the reason: our Builders dont have much time and so rarely get anything done.

The current team consists of the following members:
@Flauschi_XD Head of Development / Scripter / Animator / Financials
@DiamondMasterGaming1 Head of Financials

@fnaf7127 Scripter / Head of Social Media
@NikolaiCosta Head of Marketing
@sebastian200841 Scripter / Head of Social Media

@Stodja Builder
@Tekartsu Builder
@? Builder
@? Builder

Screenshots of the Dblock

Door and Elevatorsystem Preview

Door Test v1.2 - Roblox

Besides that progress we have the rank structure etc alredy done, the keycards work and we have an Overhead GUI that displays Job + Rank, a custom admin system is WIP and you can change your name + Avatar.

For the Future we have planned the Facility to have 4 Sectors. EZ (Entrance Zone), HCZ (Heavy Containment Zone), LCZ (Light Containment Zone) and MS (Maintenance Sector [Below the Facility]).
There will be, as stated at the beginning, a level system which will unlock new jobs. We are planning to monetize the game trough V.I.P ranks that give a few advantages (nothing pay to win) and have ingame currency that can be bought but also earned. This currency will be used to buy Guns, Ammunition etc.

Everything marked with a “*” must be there, otherwise you will be rejected.

  • 1 Year+ Building experience*
  • Being able to organize yourself trough given task on a taskboard and actively work with said board*
  • Detailed Builds and not just some textures slapped onto a Brick*
  • Experience with Trello (is not a must have, but its good if you alredy used Trello)
  • A Discord Account*
  • Being able to keep in Deadlines*
  • Being able to adapt to other Builders*
  • Being over the Age of 13 years*
  • Being able to join a VC for an Interview*
  • Willing to sign an Agreement*
  • Knowing the Lore and containment of a lot scps would be useful, but is not required

We will pay all our devs after the game is out Monthly % based on all the work they have done, but 10-20% will be reserved for the group. We are also willing to make a individual deal where we pay out mothly Robux before the game is out, this isnt preffered tho.

If you are interested, please contact me on Discord or DM me here on the Forum:

Im also open for any questions about this thread on Discord or just reply to this Post.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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