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About Us

Hi there! We are SCP International. “Brining the weirdest and scariest SCP’s to Roblox in a whole new way”. We are not another Site 61 for Site 49 group, oh no. We are a group that plan to bring SCPs to roblox with amazing cinematography and spine chilling horror. We announce our pledge to quality SCP roblox games and pledge to put time and honest effort into every single aspect of our games.

The Team
@Godly_R3plicated - Programmer
@EternalCanadianDev - Builder/UI
@Caden_NZ - Editor
@Shakychn_cool - Animator
@baegis - Secondary Builder
@Ace_Beastin - Sound Effect(s) Designer/Composer
@CouldBeYou - Support Staff Lead
@CouldBeYou - Support Staff
@CouldBeYou - Support Staff
@CouldBeYou - Support Staff

About The Job

We are looking for multiple people to join our Community Support Staff team! You will be responsible for responding to reports on the following:

  • Bugs
  • Refund Requests
  • Glitches
  • Bissuness Related Contact (Partnership, Sponsorship etc)
  • Content Creator Reports
  • Discord Moderation Requests

You will be requiered to memorize a guide on how to deal with each problem. You will be requiered to assess, document, and sort each and every case based on the Guide. If you dont want to read the guide ill provide a copy here:

Community Support Staff Handbook/Guide

Community Support Staff Team

This handbook will tell you how to handle reports as part of our Support Staff Team.

How to Handle Bug Reports -

When handling a bug report, please remember the following.

  • Immediately write down the bug that was found
  • Always ask for proof
  • Always confirm after every question
  • Write, Ask, Confirm, Document


When someone files a bug report, always write down the issue. They ask questions that will help you understand the bug. Then confirm that everything they said was correct by telling them their answers and asking if that’s right. If they respond “Yes”. Document report. If they answer “No”. Ask them the questions again then get confirmation. If they are unable to confirm after 3 tries, immediately Void the report as “Unnecessary”.

Always document every Non-Void case.

How to Handle Refund Requests -

When handling a refund report please runthrough the following checklist.

  • Account Name Provided
  • Proof Of Purchase Provided {Check group sales to confirm}
  • Account Description
  • Account Email (If attached)
  • Time of purchase {Check group sales to confirm}

If there is something missing, ask them to provide the info. If they give the wrong info, ask them for it again. If they still provide false information, Void the report as “False”.

If they are reporting it after 2 hours within the purchase time, Void the report as “Late”.

Always document every case.

Handle glitch reports the same as a Bug report.

Business Related Contacts -

When handling a Business Related Contacts. Always check the requirements list for Partnerships and Sponsorships.


  • Over 100 group members
  • SCP Genre Group or Development Studio Group
  • At Least 1 group game
  • Active
  • Discord Server
  • Functioning Moderation Systems

If anything is missing. Void this report as “Missing Information”.


  • Provide Kid Friendly, Sponsored Content
  • Offer Services And or Monetary Value
  • Send Report to Me or ChillRainbow
  • Ill decide what to do.

If anything is missing. Void this report as “Missing Information”.

Youtube Collaborations

If any youtuber contacts asking to be apart of our content creator team, immediately DM me. That’s it. Then ill send a report back on weather they are joining or not and you document with the Youtubers name, channel link and view & like average.

Discord Moderation

In the event of someone needing to be moderated. Check what the person did. The following is not permitted:

  • NSFW Content
  • Swearing
  • Breaking Discord or Roblox TOS
  • Being Underaged
  • Spamming
  • Advertising
  • DM Advertising
  • Pinging Spam
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Immature Behavior unless in the global chat channel
  • Grammar unless in any chat channel

You will answer support dms via email. You will create your own email like so:

We are also looking for a Support Staff Lead who is responsible for managing the Support staff team while still carrying out basic duties of the regular support staff.


We are paying our Support Staff 150 robux per case you answer or 1500 Robux monthly starting after release of our first game (Somewhere between March 30th - April 30th)

We are paying our Lead Support Staff 2k robux per month starting after the release of our first game (Somewhere between March 30th - April 30th)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: EternalCanadianDev#1541
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hello, I would love to apply for this job… Let me ask this now is it ok to be a support staff while on iOS? If so Discord: DevNetCheese#2725

I hope to hear more. :123:

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May be interested, I have contacted you on Discord.


Hey. I would love to join the wonderful team of support staff! Please contact me on DevForum instead of Discord.

Thank you,

EDIT: Do you want me to DM you, or will you DM me?


I’m interested i added you on discord

Added you on discord! Hope to hear from you soon!

hi, i am interested in the Support Staff position i would be more then happy to work with y’all.

ill send you a message on developer forums for contact information.

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