[SCP] planeflynatic29's SCPF Keybind List


planeflynatic29’s SCPF Keybinds

planeflynatic29’s Foundation was founded on December 10th, 2017. Armed Containment Site 581 is officially owned by said individual, as well as the group “[SCP-F] Special Containment Procedures Foundation.” Use of content from this group must be authorized by the group development team. The keybind list will be listed below. Closed 8/24/2021.

General Usage
[Left Click] - Interact.
[C] - Crouch.
[Left Shift] - Sprint.
[F] - Holster Weapon.
[R] - Reload.
[V] - Change Firing Mode.
[G] - Change Shoulder Camera (when holding a gun).

Camera Interaction
[E] - Switch Camera Left.
[Q] - Switch Camera Right.

Door Interaction
[Left Click] - Interact.
[Left Control] + [E] - Hold Open Door.
[E] - Open Door.
[Touch] - Open Door (mobile)

GUI Interaction
[L] - Toggle Settings.
[T] - Switch Radios
[Q] - Turn on Radio.

Last Updated: 7/26/2021