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Welcome, once again - or for those of you who are just reading, then hello.

Almost a full year ago, this Foundation was set to launch, to which it never did. And over 4 years ago, this Foundation was created. After much work, deliberation and thinking, this is the year where the development spell ends. We’re opening our doors.

This thread will shed some light regarding the release of the group and what you can expect during and following its release. I hope to see you soon, fellow enthusiast (or onlooker).


Unfortunately, for this run, there will be no start-up careers to offer for first joiners. However, some users have joined the group during the proposed launch date. Those users will still get to reserve and have first dibs for the positions they wish. By department, these are a list of reservations.

Note: these reservations will expire on March 5th, 2019.
Note II: these may not be correct. I had to sort through too many audits.

Security Department:

User Position
Nullfuse Deputy Director
Malern Captain
SnxwyScarlet Marshal
KnownMonarch Guard I
II_VortexII Guard II
TormenKhediv Guard II
Lordtenebrous Captain
Oyiz Guard II
Delacity Senior Guard
Balkan_Mercenary Lieutenant
Menker681 Guard I
DeadSilver Guard II
Infaunium Senior Guard

Mobile Task Forces:

User Position
VVarrant Alpha-1
OtwakuLyfex Epsilon-11
The_ReaperOfSouls Task Force Leader
niceboy28 Xi-13
DefendingTheSilent Xi-13
OnlineStudio Alpha-1
LonuxWolf Xi-13
7banz Xi-13
XTeeSee Alpha-1
miiiiiiiiiil Alpha-1
AlecBigGs Epsilon-11
LeanXeno Alpha-1
qloid Epsilon-11
DavidZiereis Epsilon-11
KingDonut247 Xi-13
VexeosStryke Xi-13
AbrahamCephius Alpha-1

General News

An unexpected-yet-expected delay has occurred; unexpected in the sense that an unprecedented issue forked launch and expected in the sense that the group has been delayed once again. That being said, everything is on track once again and it is without doubt that launch is around the corner.

High Priority Roadmap

The “High Priority Roadmap” (sorry Roblox, the name was appealing) describes what is most important for this group to see during its pre-launch and post-launch days. It will describe what you should expect from the group as it continues to expand from its launch.

If you do not see any items on this list, that either means that they are not on the High Priority Roadmap or that phase has not been documented yet.

Hello, Genre (Phase I): The official release of this group.

Category Roadmap Item Status
Site Site Release (Site-08) Completed
Documentation Rewriting of Essentials (Guidelines) Completed
Documentation Department Guidelines On Track
Group Acceptance of Join Requests On Track
Meta Processing of Reservations Cancelled
Group Level 0 Application On Track
Meta Application Center Delayed
Discord Finalisation of Discord Completed

We look forward to seeing you soon, fellow aspiring members.


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