SCP Styled Hallway Feedback [Updated]

Hey, I’m currently creating an SCP styled hallway and I need feedback on it.

I think it is also kind of bland in some places so I’m also looking for what I could possibly add to it.


So I tried using a few of your ideas and I was able to make this,


It’s pretty good! I think you could add some wooden boxes too!


Hallway looks good! Good work with lighting as well.

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I like it!i really cant see anything wrong with it i mean… its a hallway lol 10/10


It’s look epic, maybe add some pictures for instance employee of the month SCP pictures. but if you want a horror vibe this is ok.

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You could also add some SCP warning posters on the wall.

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This looks good. Add some scuffs, boots, posters, a hat rack with some hats, bulletin boards, speakers, ect. it adds life to the hallway and makes it feel lived in and more realistic.

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Hi, you have a lot of real estate on the walls. One thing you could add is a speaker/alarm system in the case of a breach, perhaps above the door or maybe somewhere else. It’s small but I think it could help bring it to life even more!

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