SCPF | 03.2020 | Site Director Elections

Greetings, Foundation!

Time to elect the new Site Director!

Please read all speeches carefully.

Speech Alpha

Hi, this moment has finally come, I must say that I am very excited and I never expected such a goal.
I am glad that you are here to read my speech and I hope you like it.

  • My first steps as a Site Director would be to listen to the community and all their suggestions in the appropriate channel and I would try to read them in the shortest possible time trying to satisfy most of you.

  • Obviously for the most active of you there will be advantages, if I see you very active I will be able to contact your HC (In your department) and report him about this great activity of yours on-site and you could have many advantages for a possible promotion.
    (You will have to be very active).

  • If you want a SSU you can DM me and if I can I will start one for you!

For the rest I will try to be useful to everyone, if you need me, please contact me in DM and I will be free to help you as soon as possible!

Speech Bravo

Hello everyone. The rank of Elected Site Director is one of the highest in the foundation, and I’d argue the best role to have. The reason it’s the best is because it’s the job of working the every member of the foundation and making sure everyone is happy - meaning you get to meet great people, and meet amazing insight into what people think. It also means you get to help improve the foundation in every way you can and hopefully make it a better place, and I feel that’s what everyone here is trying to do.

Now, how would I help you if I were to be lucky enough to be elected? Well, I’d start off by trying to get the departments you love set up, and active. Then I’d try and move through this list as I think that’s what the foundation needs to improve:

  • Add more things accessible by Level-2 and below so everyone can see that Level-3+ are actually doing things. Currently, high ranking members look quite inactive but (for the most part) they’re not. Having more things released to the public and having more things involving everyone will make the foundation look more lively and also create a better community.
  • I would also try and help make sure every department is ready, on its feet with sufficient guidelines and members. This is to ensure everyone has the chance to join a well made department they want to join. Making it so every department is worth joining opens the field up to everyone to have fun.
  • Add more things for Class-D. Currently, Class-D can’t do anything on site unless there are tests. They have no method of escape (even with the card and gun gamepass), and also no entertainment in CDC. I will try and get new activities and events into CDC to improve the life for our members without a clearance.
  • More raids (and other GoI activity) would possibly make the site more interesting and more fun. I would work with DEA High Command to try and make this work, and I would also work with combative forces so everyone gets a view and an opinion on this topic.

There would also be smaller things I would try to implement within each department, and also new things for even smaller groups of people. I would also work with MaD and the community to iron out any bugs or faults with the site, or anything within it.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a great day. I hope you can consider me to become your Site Director, to serve you. Good luck to everyone!

Speech Charlie

Howdy everyone! I would like to become an Elected Site Director, because I would like to help you as possible. I am already a part of the High Command, and also worked as an O5 in this foundation. I like this foundation, and I would like to do what I can and what is in my possible to help this group as I can. Here is what I promise:

  • Answer all questions needed,
  • Answer all questioning about applications, foundation or other informations (unless classified),
  • Be active to help you better,
  • Be mature to show the example,
  • Help people when needed, if they are lost in a department or in a foundation in general,

Also, I would promise to be the more useful possible, if anyone needs me, I should do that. I hope my speech interested you, and if no, it’s okay, you can choose. Plus, I would love to make this foundation bigger and bigger, and make it very active, if I can.

Well, that is all I needed to write, I would like to thanks you now if you accept me, and that I don’t want to be aggressive if you didn’t.

Remember, Foundation, SECURE. CONTAIN. PROTECT.

Voting itself is held here:



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