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Area - 108 | Update History Log | 2017 Edition

Any updates made to Area - 108 in 2017 will be logged on this thread. Updates posted by other developers in the update logs channel of the Discord will be cleaned and moved here.

Newer updates will be towards the top. Old updates can be found in their respective collapsibles, and new updates will have full logs displayed.

[21/12/2017 @ 1:28 AM EST] !! NOTICE !!
I will not be in the Foundation long enough to continue these update histories. This will be the only archive of them and it shall be known as a trial run for update logs. The trial can be deemed a failure. All updates will be posted in respective update log channels moving forward in 2018.

December Archive

Update 12/30/2017
  • I didn’t do it before because no one tells me anything anymore (I literally had to eavesdrop to figure out how everything meshed together during the incident), but now it’s being done. Those in DEA with detain have now lost the tool and DEA is permanently banned from having any kind of detain tool. I warned them that misusage of it would result in punishment. Detain was only to be used on DSS. That trust is now gone.
Update 12/28/2017
  • TSH Project cancelled
  • Changed G36C firing sound
  • Changed AK-12 firing sound
  • Changed name of “HK MR309” to “GOC - HK MR308”
  • Changed AK-12 stats to match up to an AK-47’s
  • Removed AK-47 from all CI weapon slots
  • Added a one-use bandage tool; heals a random of 35 - 75 health instantly to the user (may implement the ability to bandage others)
  • Lieutenants and above in CI Military receive bandages
  • Removed tools from Court-Martialed rank in CI Military
  • Gave combative task forces and TFL+ bandage
  • Gave PHYSICS Corps bandage
  • Gave PSYCHE Division bandage (temporary implementation)
  • Gave Level - D+ in TSH bandage
  • GOC Operative cards can now access CDC (but not S2?)
    *Report instances of permission misuse to the Secretary General for handling or myself to determine the continuation of this feature
    *Access ONLY to the main pathway of the AH (AH -> Testing Lobby -> CDCZ) is granted; no observation room, no vents, no CEC, no alternate CDCZ entrance
  • Added another CDC lockdown gate (with ugly placing) near the TL entrance; considering the removal of the first-line TL blast door
  • A light has been added to CDC control room
  • Land marks on the CDC map are no longer neon; much too blinding
  • Added the bare bones for a GOC Authorization Indicator
  • Renamed “G36” to “MG36”
  • Changed MG36 firing sound to match G36 firing sound
Update 12/27/2017
  • MTF no longer spawns with combat knives.
  • There’s a spectating room in the Access Hall now, we’ll be trying out glass only for now.
  • The game pass card now opens SCP-513. If you weren’t aware, it should also open SCP-173 and SCP-049.
Update 12/26/2017
  • Broken CDC blast door fixed
Update 12/24/2017
  • Fixed numerous broken things under pressure of my computer dying and me losing my cool, which I have little left right now.
Update 12/23/2017
  • Disabled mouse lock for any users below the rank of “Level - 0” in SCPF
  • Fixed GROZA-4
Update 12/22/2017
  • Game pass cards can now only escape through the vents. Door-glitch again and I permanently remove it.
  • I have to redo the warheads from scratch, certain developmental issue. You are HIGHLY bound to encounter errors should the usage of warheads be necessary (if there’s even any on the site at all when I finish) or errors around that area in general.
  • Lights re-dimmed. Whenever I work, I set the ambience to be very bright so I can actually see. Get a server admin to either manually set the ambience or wait for a new server.
  • Updated the side bar. I had a potentially old copy of it as the latest (and best) copy is on Eltork’s profile. There shouldn’t be any noticable difference; you should only see teams you can join and whatnot. Instead of respawning characters, it resets them, so there’s no chance for spam (and if there is, I’ll update it).
  • Did some maintenance stuff but I forgot so this text indicates that I actually did something
  • Updated GOC gun naming convention (if they are duplicates of guns but with updated stats, they have “GOC -” appended before their proper name, exception “Deathkeeper” which is a Peacekeeper alt | e.g. “BARRET .55CAL” is “Barrett 50. Cal” counterpart, so “GOC - Barrett 50. Cal”)
  • TSH Project making progress (this also has to do with the purple line I put on the spawn)
Update 12/21/2017
  • Put a massive, invisible block on part of a mountain to prevent users from zooming their camera out to view CI’s spawn
  • Updated some values for REN-1
Update 12/19/2017
  • Removed IR flash from all helmets on-site
  • Created a LinkedSource script named “CombativeBikeHelmetServerCode” - with this, I do not have to edit 15+ helmets individually each time there’s a small source code update; one script will automatically update all the helmets
    ^Note to helmets deviating from the normal but using the same code (A1, RRT & PHANTOM): chance your helmets will break is high
  • Updated .357 Magnum (mode Auto -> Semi, clip 35 -> 6)
  • Nerfed HK MR308 stats yet again (shot interval 0.2 -> 2, damage 45-75 -> 35-60)
  • Updated HK MR309 stats (shot interval 0.1 -> 0.8, damage 70-65 -> 45-60)
    ^ If I see the stats stupidly high again on either gun, I’m removing it from everyone’s inventory and deleting it. Don’t care what defense you want to make.
  • Changed both AUGs (regular and suppressed edition) to have 30 max in the clip, not 33
  • AUG A3 suppressed variant now shoots as fast as its counterpart
  • Updated HK416 shot interval (0.3 -> 0.075)
  • G18 fire sound speed upped by 0.1
  • Updated SCAR-H shot interval (0.2 -> 0.075)
  • Updated SCAR-L shot interval (0.2 -> 0.075) (slow fire rate for this gun has been an issue since the FE guns were first introduced)
Update 12/18/2017
  • Disabled MTF voice chat (not removed) (have not heard it being used once in months - if used, as rare as seeing a solar eclipse)
    ^ Script is inefficient; includes nested if statements and possible memory leaks.
  • Disabled MedicineManager script (not removed)
  • Did some maintenance stuff but I forgot so this text indicates that I actually did something
  • Added PHANTOM team
  • Fixed REN-1. It’s extremely buggy so expect it not to work.
Update 12/17/2017
  • Fixed a collision issue with SCP-572.
  • Updated personnel cards. Less resource intensive (why the heck are there scripts in the cards), less displayed information (no one reads cards aside from the level which is the only large enough to see thing) and better on the server.
  • Unanchored SCP-999 because it’s such a big deal and urgent matter that everyone treats it like a major bug and brings it up at least once every or every other week.
Update 12/15/2017
  • New SCP. I made it at 1:00 AM EST, so it looks bad and there’s not too much effort. It is, nonetheless, usable.
  • Fixed an equip issue with the new SCP (but the collision is still weird)
  • Created and applied a tactical backpack to the new RRT armor
Update 12/14/2017
  • There is now a red line in the vents marking the airway that leads to MTF’s spawn. Non-personnel crossing this line will be automatically killed. With this, there will hopefully be a reduction in how many raid times need to be suspended over spawnkilling.
  • There is now a red line in the vents marking the room for which SD/RRT use to access the ventilation system. Serves the same purpose as the above
    *If lines aren’t enough, I’ll create walls.
  • Fixed CD/CE spawns to be less expensive on the server (centralized and not spammy) (HEAVY CHANCE OF BREAKING; NEW SCRIPT MEANS NEW PROBLEMS)
  • Temporary purple line around TSH spawn in preparation for something.
Update 12/13/2017
  • Medical Department syringes removed; ROBLOX is going on a ban spree with any items that resemble drug use. Yes, this includes syringes used for medical use. If we happen to clarify the situation with staff members, then we’ll return them ASAP. Otherwise, we have a replacement planned, which would honestly be way cooler and even better than just throwing CDs on a bed and sticking a needle in them.
  • SCP-500 is temporarily to be referred to as “candy”.
Update 12/12/2017
  • Removed a testing module (did not effect server performance)
  • Changed PSYCHE team color from Sunrise (apparently similar to TSH’s) to Lime green
  • PSYCHE no longer registers Foundation personnel tools
  • Removed The_ReaperOfSouls’ personal tool set (wasn’t removed since his time as an O5)
  • Added UA to list of teams who do not receive cards
  • Added PSYCHE to rank registry
  • ISD and IA no longer have their ranks displayed as “[REDACTED]” on the division ranks list (come on, you can just go into the group and find that)
  • RRT spawn setter removed due to having its own team (and not being in a proper place)
  • CI Delta Command+ joining the server are now granted an alert identical to the “SCPF HR Joined” notifications
  • TSH Black Command+ joining the server are now granted an alert identical to the “SCPF HR Joined” notifications
  • GOC Divisional Commanders+ joining the server are now granted an alert identical to the “SCPF HR Joined” notifications
  • MD syringes can now only be accessed by the O5 Head in terms of main group rank; temporary change until I can solve syringe abuse
  • Smacked TSH’s NVG above the snow and on the concrete wall in the tent
  • Decreased amount of time to wait before re-breaching walls (9m -> 5m)
  • Rapid Response Team spawn moved back to Sector-1B in the shared armory.
  • SCP-513’s Containment Zone has been updated to enlarge the inner containment zone.
  • Fixed RRT vision module
Update 12/11/2017
  • Effective immediately, the game pass keycard’s access to the ventilation system has been disabled for one week due to the fact that you all can’t listen. Just because you’re in an empty server doesn’t mean we can’t click “join” and check up on what you’re doing.
Update 12/10/2017
  • Level-3 keycard at the Chaos Insurgency tent is now a Level-1 keycard in order to balance some things out.
Update 12/9/2017
  • Class-E Detainment Center relocated
  • Access Hall extended in order to wrap around into the Class-D Detainment Center
  • Class-E Detainment Center has received a second entry door.
  • Vent System added to the Class-D Detainment Center; found in the Access Hall. The vent is accessible to those who escape the Class-D Detainment Center and have a Game Pass Card.
  • Snow accumulation is now at 0.4 studs, with heavier snow falling. Although, more particles seem to be causing glitches with the way they look.
  • Mobile Task Force Armory has been fixed in reference to the lack of lighting and missing ceiling.
  • SCP-860-1 should now be fixed once again.
  • Chaos Insurgency raid prevention teleported removed, you should no longer be teleported away from your tent. In the future, if your raid time is suspended, stay off the team or the suspension is extended by a week.
  • Class-D Personnel who escape through the Ventilation System can now go to the Chaos Insurgency tent for armor, an AK-12, and a Level-3 keycard. However, if we find anyone door-glitching to take advantage of this, then you can go back to your puny Five-Sevens. Oh and before you guys get any funny ideas, it only works when you’re on the Class-D team.
  • Even more snow has fallen, you can expect at least one stud by tomorrow morning. The rocks were also finally cold enough to have snow stick to them, however the mountains are still “warm”.
  • Circle command prefix changed from ! to $
Update 12/8/2017
  • Snow accumulation is now at 0.3 studs
  • Measurement sticks, or whatever else you want to describe them as, have been added to each gate
  • Offices that should have been empty are now empty
Update 12/4/2017
  • Added PSYCHE Division team*
    Only “DIPLOMACY DEPARTMENT” and above may use the team; send me a message if this is wrong and not to the document’s specifications
    ^Used operative card as adding a new card requires extensive updates + card specifications are “same door access as PHYSICS”
  • DEA Authorization Command fixed; made a lot of careless spelling mistakes which broke it
    *Working to add more information than just this (group’s name, owner and their rank)
Update 12/3/2017
  • DEA Manager+ now have access to a custom admin command, L4+ not required*
    *Usage - :auth / :unauth || Anyone with a name overhead is authorized by DEA to be in the facility; do not abuse the privilege
    *This is my first time using custom ranks in Adonis, if it grants non-L4 admin, I’ll find another way to do this
  • Fixed a few issues with game pass tools
  • !help command disabled
  • Button in the bottom-right corner removed (the ? symbol, used for Adonis)
  • Changed shutdown command level (Admins -> Owners)
  • Updated SCP-205 (minor)
  • Updated SCP-513*
    *Failure redundancy for SCP-513 made
    *Not the only update made
Update 12/2/2017
  • Briefing Room 3 brought back, currently shut off
  • Winter storm has moved in, brining a light dusting a snow. Look forward to some heavier precipitation as we move throughout the month.
Update 12/1/2017
  • Tampered with audios
  • Christmas update
  • Fixed CDCL Alarm
  • Reverted breach alarm
  • Changed S4 ambience to the one S3 used before the revert
  • Changed S3 ambience from SCP:CB audio
  • Stopped UA from spawning with the multiple game passes window (if they do anyway)
  • Temporarily “removed” BR3 due to Christmas update
  • Slight snowfall added to CDCZ
  • Update to SCP-513
  • Update to SCP-498
  • Update to SCP-714

November Archive

Update 11/30/2017
  • Changed lights container to a Folder object for easier editing
  • Corrected rotation of ScD spawn table
  • Expanded ScD spawn
  • ScD (aside from the Overseer) no longer spawn with tools; they must now pick up their radio from the stand beside the table in their spawn
    ^ First step to making everyone spawn without tools, and a more efficient/realistic/aesthetically-pleasing tool system
  • Fixed an issue which prevented RRT from getting NVG (click on the module box, then press N)
  • Changed sprint speed of multiple guns (26 -> 32)
    ^ AK-12, AK47, AK-74u, AK-R, AUG A3 [S], B32R, C7A2, FN F2000 {S}, G17
  • Changed sprint speed of multiple guns (varying)
    ^ .45 (30 -> 32), 500 S&W Magnum (35 -> 32), AK-5C (30 -> 32), Desert Eagle (30 -> 34), G36 (35 -> 32), G36C [S] (35 -> 32), HK416 (25 -> 32), KrissVector (30 -> 32), M4SBR (30 -> 32), M93R (35 -> 32), MP5 (30 -> 32), P90 (36 -> 35), SCU P90 (38 -> 35)
  • SCU Card (archived, will be granted to SCU and Officer+, same clearance as armory card but with more access)
    ^ Neon black. SCU cards will supersede the armory cards for SCU and Officer+, so they won’t need to carry both.
  • Removed remnants of Penumbra
  • Advancement on SCP-513’s revamp made (removed distortion)
  • Changed the time of day to 20:00
  • Renamed the gas mask at FP spawn to “Trademark FP Spawn Item” (irrelevant update)
  • You now cannot receive two of the same drink from SCP-294; it will cancel the operation
  • 3 banned healing drinks added back to SCP-294 due to new security implementation
  • Renamed the drink designed after SCP-420-J (again)
  • Nausea drink spawns more vomit blocks and take longer to disappear (wait 3s -> wait 4s)
  • Fixed DEA tools (displaced due to an update in their ranks)
  • Gave DEA directorate detain for DSS management purposes and swapped their Glock out for a G18*
  • Don’t argue with or question my decision. They know of what harsh punishment is to come with its misusage, so long as I am a part of the development sector.
  • Assigned DSS a temporary toolset (not in tune with the signed proposal, but close enough)
  • SCU cards are now in Officer and SCU inventories in preparation for its implementation; expect this card to do virtually nothing*
  • As a starting point, SCU cards will be able to open the CR, S3 and S4. No other door can be opened using it.
  • ScD radio giver now works; click the glass to receive a radio; give me a holler if it does not work
  • Sector 5 renamed (Sector 5 -> Sector X)
  • Sector X and CEC ambience changed to match each other
  • Sector 3 ambience changed
  • Sector 4 ambience changed
Update 11/28/2017
  • CI suspension box. Next time think twice about raiding off-time.
Update 11/26/2017
  • Changed direction of CEC blast doors (vertical -> horizontal)
  • Added a turret to CEC (raw code, not modularized or centralized - test run)
  • Removed “Evil Morty Theme” from Nova Warhead detonation aftermath
Update 11/25/2017
  • New containment breach alarm (most likely temporary)
  • Aggression of SCP-966 instances increased (walkspeed 8 -> 18, damage minimum 5 -> 15, damage maximum 25 -> 35)
  • Fixed an issue with SCP-860 where the key could not be placed back on the pedestal until death
  • Fixed an issue with SCP-860 where keys could be duplicated
  • Applied similar fixes to SCP-513 (due to same-script dependency)
  • Toned down FiveSeven sprint speed (25 -> 18)
  • Lowered FiveSeven maximum damage (13 -> 12)
  • Update to SCP-513’s affliction made
  • New containment chamber for a new Euclid; currently empty but accessible (don’t use this room to hide, it’s not a playground)
  • SCP-498 updated; the sound is once again audible across far distances, starts off quiet but gradually increases to its annoying level
  • SCP-498 clearance changed (L2 minimum -> L4 minimum)
  • Changed SCP-1025 cough volume (3 -> 1); rework planned
  • Removed flashlight from CDCZ courtyard
  • Added another table to CDCZ courtyard
  • Removed boxes from CDC
  • Manually fixed the placement of all breach alarms
  • Manually fixed the placement of some CDC alarms
  • Fixed SCP-860 key sound (never included Sound:Play() for the longest time)
  • Fixed SCP-513 pick-up mechanic and added sound
  • Changed MP5 minimum damage (10 -> 18)
  • Changed MP5 maximum damage (15 -> 24)
  • Changed Glock sprint speed (28 -> 32)
  • Changed FiveSeven sprint speed (18 -> 20)
  • Changed ACR sprint speed (26 -> 32)
  • Changed AUG A3 sprint speed (26 -> 32)
  • Changed G18 sprint speed (26 -> 32)
  • List of hotkeys now on game page
  • Removed scripts from RRT Vision Module and placed them into the new framework registration bin
Update 11/19/2017
  • Recoil on all guns has been adjusted to kick after a bullet is fired.
  • M4A1 removed, replaced with “M4”
  • M4 and M4 Scoped replaced with new models (at the time of this post, no one has the scoped variant)
  • New gun: GROZA-1 (at the time of this post, no one has it)
  • SCP-008 syringe fixed
  • Second row of health syringes fixed
  • Removed the generator note from O5-4’s event that ended months ago
  • Removed the SCP-081 note from O5-4’s event that ended months ago

*Guns were made by @daniel4222.

Update 11/18/2017
  • Replaced spotlights at MG with floodlights (they aren’t mine, but they work, and have no scripts in them)
  • Added one more concrete barrier at the MG, in front of the red line at the Main Gate
  • Added back the Server Room door
  • Added back MaD spawn door
  • Added back E&T spawn door
  • Removed “Happy Halloween!” from the screen’s messages
Update 11/16/2017
  • Class D no longer spawn in the same cell
Update 11/15/2017
  • Game pass card update planned
  • Ventilation expansion planned

Updates Announcements Archive

[!!] Locker revamp planned, will test it on E&T next update
[!!] I am proud to announce that the party room will infact be remaining on 108. This has served as a demonstration of our technology to foreign Foundations and it’s a fun thing to host once-in-a-while. Updates are planned for the room.
[!!] Explosive drinks shall be unbanned in a later update, where explosions only affect one-self. That being said, that’s not your greenlight to be negative in the handling of them. Class D may do as they please with them, however it will not be lethal like it was before.