[SCPF] Complex Zeta Rules


The following is the set of rules that all players are required to follow while playing on “[SCPF] Complex Zeta” to ensure that all players have a fun user friendly experience in our game. Additionally please note that if you are to receive sanction from our game that you will not be refunded by any means and that moderation action taken on your ROBLOX account itself or in-game is not our responsibility. You are free to appeal if you deem it necessary to do so and have valid reasoning to do so.

General Rules

  1. Do not attempt to spam your guns using glitches & do NOT wallshoot, you will be banned.
  2. Do not glitch through any doors, gates or walls. If caught or detected you will be banned.
  3. Do not say anything that would be considered as trolling users. i.e. “Free robux here”.
  4. Do not attempt to find ways to bypass the filter established by Roblox to prevent you from saying vulgar words. This is against our rules, and the ROBLOX Terms of Service.
  5. Do not advertise inside of our games, this could be saying “join my group”, telling them to join your game, servers, etc.
  6. Do not harass other users inside of our games. This means you keep doing something/saying something to someone even after they ask you to stop. Examples include: Threatening to hack their account, making any threats, etc.
  7. Discrimination of anyone is not tolerated inside of our games and will result in an immediate ban from our games as this behavior is unwanted by our community which is here to ensure a safe environment for all of our players to come together.
  8. Revealing Personal Information of anyone is not tolerated and will result in an instant ban from our games as this behavior will not be tolerated. It will also result in a report to Roblox as we do not know if you had malicious intent.
  9. Breaching SCPs into spawn points is not allowed as it leads to the users of that spawn being loop killed which makes the game unplayable by our Personnel. This means during riots or re-containment.
  10. Exploiting is absolutely not tolerated inside of ANY of our games and will result in an immediate ban upon us being notified of your actions.


You are free to forward any moderation appeals to a Site Directorate member if you find it necessary.

Closing Statement

We appreciate you taking your time to read through the rules, we aim to provide a non-toxic community within the genre and so far our enforcement in doing so has been a success. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our community or high ranking staff if you have any questions, concerns or simply wish to chat.

The Administrator