SCPF || Contractor Developer Information

The following information is for the Foundation of Flamindy
Special Containment Procedures || SCPF - Roblox

Contractor Developer Information

Hey there! Looking to become a developer of any sort for Flamindy’s Foundation? Well… you’re in the right document! This DevForum page/document will tell you all you need to know such as requirements, what we look for, and more! If you have any questions, please forward them to the Chief of Development!


As you are applying for such a sensitive position, you will be heavily searched. Please keep in mind of every requirement we have. If you fail to complete the evaluation, then you will be denied upon entry.

Must have your inventory open!
We ask that you have your inventory view able to all. This is to make sure you don’t steal assets of others groups/games and ours!

Have to be older than 14!
Since this position, like stated before, is such a sensitive position, we want members we know who are mature and are old enough for such. Sadly, young developers may not be a good fit, but there are some exceptions if you DM the Chief of Development.

Must be willing to work
If you’re going to apply for such a position like Manufacturing, we would like to have you work and put out assets for us. Of course you will be payed.

Can not be blacklisted from any Department or Punished
We do not want members who are not trust worthy or even worthy for a regular Department in our Department.

What WE look for

As a team, we look for members who are qualified. Some qualifications we have is the following:

We would like to have you be on the DevForum as at least a “Member”
The reason why we would like to have you on the DevForum is that roblox can trust you enough that you’re active on such a platform. The DevForum is a great way we can see you are interested in other developer’s activity.

Up for the position
If you’re applying for a Manufacturing Position, we would like to know you can be active and not doing this just because. We want you to up for work and ready to be payed.

Not a high pay price
Of course other members are going to have different pay prices, but we want you to have a reasonable price unlike 100,000 robux for a simple build. If we see that you are requesting such a ridiculous amount of money for something simple or not worth that much, we will most definitely deny you.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please message the Overseer or Chief of Development!