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Hiring Developers, Project Managers and Department Directors

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Developers. I am selepathic, the current Administrator of an SCPF which is extremely close to release, and I need some long term developers and more to help complete our creation and release to the public eye.

Note: We are looking for long term developers, so we wish that you stay on after release, if this is not possible, it is possible however to stay for short term, yet it is not suggested.

About Us

We are a growing SCPF with around 152 members, we have restarted our group for a new start and we wish to succeed, we are not a roleplay site and will not become one, we focus on primarily ensuring our Foundation Personnel show dedication towards our Foundation and are deserving of the position.

You can find our group here: [Special Containment Procedures Foundation || SCP] - Roblox

About the position

Our developers are respected highly, and we wish that they are able to complete assets on time. You will be given an asset and expected to complete it on the date set, this will ensure our release date is not flawed by inactivity. Developers who do not constantly complete tasks or show great inactivity will be removed from the development team.

Game Style

Developer Expectations

High-Quality Assets
Meets Deadlines
Able to handle constructive criticism
A friendly developer do be around overall

Project Manager

About the Job

The Project Manager or O5-2 will be given the task of managing the departments within the Foundation and creating guidelines, they will be above all staffing within the Foundation, including the O5 Council.


High-Quality Work
A pragmatical take to their job

This is a volunteering job

Department Director

About the job

As a Department Director, you will manage your select department, create regulations, attempt to gain more members for your department, enforcing suggestions from your department, and more.

What you will receive in return

Level Clearance 4
Complete overseeing power of your select department
Administrative Rewards

What we expect

An increase in your department playerbase
A completed set of regulations
An improvement in the department

This is a volunteering job


Currently, we have a budget of 375 USD, payment is most likely going to be calculated from all your work then delivered at release.


selepathic#8025 (Highly Suggested)


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