SCPF Investor needed

Hello, I’m FutureCider, a Lead Developer for forgotlogic’s SCP Foundation.

We are a 4,500+ member SCP Foundation with a very strong development team who intend on releasing a new roleplay site in the next coming month or so. We are in need of an investor who’d be willing to accept a percentage of the group’s earnings (main & rp site earnings). The invested funds would go towards Graphics Design, sponsors and advertisements.

To get in contact with the Administrator (forgotlogic) you can either contact me to be added to a group chat with him or add him yourself: forgot#0001

Lead Developer

Hello, recently the rules on the dev forum changed and investments are no longer allowed (on the dev forum), I would remove your post! Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Investment topics are against the rules, sorry about that.