SCPF || January Site Director Elections


It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the applying candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends. Speeches are presented exactly as they were provided, without any modifications.

Speech A

After a while as a Level-4, I have finally decided to have my go at the Site Director Elections. If I were to get elected, I would listen to the community as much as possible and make sure that I improve as many things as I can in order for the Foundation to reach a better point than it currently is at. Of course this is not the only thing I would do as I also plan on focusing on these 3 things:

As of right now, the number of exploiters that we get daily on-site is pretty high. If I get elected as Site Director I am going to focus on trying to make sure we get fewer exploiters so that on-site operations can run smoothly without any trouble at all.

Other than dealing with exploiters, I would also like to try and get more events added on-site so that the site duties don’t get too repetitive.

Lastly, I would like to try and get more channels added to our Main Discord server so that it fits a large community better. Our Discord server keeps gaining more members every day resulting in #Main_communications and #unrelated_communications not being enough.

Thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your day to read my speech and perhaps even deciding to vote on me. Hopefully I will be able to keep my promises and make sure no one gets disappointed with my contribution to the Foundation if I get Site Director.

Speech B

It is that time again! Site Direction speeches. This time it has only been one month. I really want to change some things around if I get Site Director. For example, changing ScD and SD relations. I know they have been improving but I can really see them working together in the future with some of the plans I have. Some other things I would like to do are:

Change the view of the High Command on the lower ranks. I know some people don’t have faith in Levels 4. I want you to try and meet them. I want to host regular getting to know your high ranks sessions. I would also hand out inter-departmental rewards if you are in one, if not I will hand other rewards.
I also plan on being here for the community.
I plan on working hard towards your goals and mine.

I have been here longer than you guys will think. I have seen this foundation go through rough patches and I have seen it go through really smooth patches. What’s the point of making promises that never get met? I would like to thank you all for reading this.

Am I the right person?

Vote me to find out.

Speech C


I’ve been in this grop for a while now and I decided it was time for me to apply for Site Director because I feel like I have something to offer for the group.

I promise I will do my best for you because the group relies on you and you are the most important part of the group.

Please vote for me.

After you have read all the speeches, please vote for the best one at our temporary voting center.

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