[SCPF] Legal Note - Ghost's SCPF

Development Team | Wiedzmin_Pl’s (Ghost’s) SCPF

Group (Special Containment Procedures Foundation) utilises various assets derived from the “SCP Wiki’’ (www.scpwiki.com ). This content and/or assets fall under the Creative Commons 3.0 “Share Alike” License (aka CC BY-SA 3.0).

The following assets are derived from the SCP Wiki:

  • (Sub-)Division/Department Group names
    • Exceptions being: Bureau of Intelligence, Dev. Team, Anomaly Actors, Specialised Security Unit, Tactical Response Company, Xi-17 (MTF)
  • In-Game Team Names (our-side exceptions already having been listed above)
    • GoI Exceptions: MIND, WoS, Daev Attire, The Resistance’s Hive Mind
  • SCPs
  • Logos (they’re primarily based on original SCP Wiki ones)
Area 57 and our Foundation do not seek to be a "for-profit" group. We intend on bringing improvements to the genre as it stands and having fun in the meantime.

Note: If anyone happens to recognise and be able to prove they made a certain asset that’s currently used in any of our games (and wants it removed), feel free to DM any development team member regarding this issue.