SCPF:Rebirth Hiring Developers

Hello! SCPF REBIRTH is hiring developers to continue site development.

About Us

We’re a SCPF with a high potential with developers that are already extremely skilled in their regions.

The Team
@KwadarthVlogs - Builder
@jcnruad900 - Head Developer, Scripter
@Sqummified - Administrator
@ultragame105 - Scripter
QAZY - Mesher
MrDurpy - Mesher
Zenuvius - GFX

About The Job

We’re looking for 2 meshers, and 2 animators. If you specialize in either of those regions then your exactly what we’re looking for. You’ll be ranked as a minor manufacturer and your work will be used on a separate game and we will import the assets to our game.


Depends, we currently have 11k in funds but in a couple of days it will raise to 40k. We can do 200 to 5k per piece of work. We pay through group funds and we have 3 options on when and how you can get paid.

  • Pay immediately (no waiting for yourself to get paid for your assets)
  • Pay after game starts earning money (helps us a lot, but you have to wait to get paid when site is complete and we make money from it)
  • Volunteer (work as a volunteer)

Contact Us

Contact squ#5457(Discord) if you’re interested in the job and it can be discussed further from there.

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