Screen Pop Element and Cooldown GUI

Hey devs, it’s me again.
I need help again.
So my question is:
How can I make screen elements pop on screen.
Let’s say someone uses tool and there’s a


function. When the activate it in their leaderstats the “Followers” changes by +1 and on the screen pops “+1” image. Changes by +3, on the screen pops “+3” an so on.
Also there’s a cooldown of 1 second. Can you also tell me how to make decreasing bar for 1 second.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean?
Do you you want a pop up UI animation or want a script which will make the Gui pop up
when the number is increase the followers by 1 then the Gui will pop up.

Please tell.
I will try to help much as possible.

It’s a bit hard to describe but I’ll try:
When player activates the tool a screengui appears saying “+1” moving upwards to be noticed and disappears.

So you want somthing like you gained one coin and a gui pops up.Right?

Yes, that’s what I want. Gui says “+1 Coin” for example.