Script a moving model

Hi, I am working on attempting to make this giant house set move. How would I accomplish this. I attempted to use tween service but I can only get the base to move.


This should help clarify the issue. You just assign the model a PrimaryPart alongside Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() and you can move the whole model.

There are a series of ways you can do this.

One way is to put all the parts into one part, and weld them all together, only anchoring the one part. Then, changing the position of that one part will move all of them due to the welds.

Another way is by setting a primary part (any part in the model) and using Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(). The only issue is that I do not know if TweenService would work with this method.

I wouldn’t move that entire model. That model seems like it has a lot of children and will end up lagging your game providing a horrible game experience. Perhaps, compromise with moving different elements within the house.

Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() iirc, I believe that this method is severely impactful.

so I welded It together and this happened…