Script always breaks after 20 minutes

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    I want to figure out why this script suddenly stops working after playing for about 20 minutes

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    I wanted to make a “crazy elevator” styled game but its set in space,…I watched some yt tutorial and got a script from the toolbox, not always reliable but i modified it and it works perfectly!, the timer works, the randomizer for the maps (floors) work and im not getting any errors, the only problem is (like i said in the title) that after playing for about 20 minutes the entire script suddenly stops functioning and i get this error: " ServerScriptService.Elevator Script:85: attempt to index nil with ‘Clone’ "

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    I haven’t found anything like this on the dev forum yet so I tried making a script that refreshes the main script every few seconds by cloning it , deleting the original one and setting the clone’s parent to the original script’s parent. It obviously didn’t work and gave the same results.

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This is the script located in serverscriptservice with the name :“elevator script”

-- -- Ajedi32 created the script!
-- Vitorrobloxgames edited Script and instructions!
local Particles = game.Workspace.Particles
local Thruster  = game.Workspace.MemeSpaceShip1000.Thruster
disasters = {"Noobception","AstralShrek","WorldTripWithAdrien","AstroidsAndTacos","OCEANMAN","CHEEMSvsPIGEON","BANANAS","Uhhh","OneThousandBobux","Banland","SwordFightsOnTheHeights","WOOOOOOOHH","MixUp","Mario","SoftcoreParkour","WereCrashingAAAAH","SpaceRacing","DogOfWisdom","Lemon Demon >:)","AverageFan_VS_AverageEnjoyer","Uhhh_2"} -- This is where you list the names models that you want to use for FLOORS.
-- The list must look like this {"001","002",} and so on.
-- Floor names are case-sensitive and all Floor models must be in the lighting
local RandInstance =
local chosenmap = script:WaitForChild("ChosenMap")

countdownTime = 20 -- The ammount of time to wait between each Floor.
disasterTime = 60 -- The ammount of time that the Floor will be in the game before it is removed.

countdownMessage = "Next Stop in %s seconds!" -- The message displayed between disasters. %s will be replaced with the number of seconds left.
disasterMessage = "Floor: %s" -- The message displayed when a disaster occurs. %s will be replaced with the disaster name. Set to nil if you do not want a message

-- Unless you know what you are doing, please leave the below code alone.
items = {}
leaderboard = game.ServerScriptService:findFirstChild("datastore") -- Used to work with my BTS leaderboard
local w = game.ServerScriptService:getChildren()
for i=1,#w do
	if w[i].Name == "datastore" and w[i]:findFirstChild("running") ~= nil and w[i]:findFirstChild("points") ~= nil then
		leaderboard = w[i]
for i=1,#disasters do
	local item = game.ServerStorage.Maps:findFirstChild(disasters[i])
	if item ~= nil then
		item.Parent = nil
		table.insert(items, item)
		print("Error! ", disasters[i], " was not found!")

function sethint(text)
	local hint = game.Workspace:findFirstChild("hint")
	if (hint ~= nil) then
		hint.Text = text
		print("Hint does not exist, creating...")
		hint ="Hint")
		hint.Name = "hint"
		hint.Text = text
		hint.Parent = game.Workspace
	--print("Hint set to: ", text)

function removeHint()
	hint = game.Workspace:findFirstChild("hint")
	if (hint ~= nil) then hint:remove() end

function countdown(time)
	sethint(string.format(countdownMessage, tostring(time)))
	while (time > 0) do
		time = time - 1
		sethint(string.format(countdownMessage, tostring(time)))
	return true

while true do

	if leaderboard ~= nil and leaderboard:findFirstChild("running") and leaderboard:findFirstChild("points") then -- For use with my BTS leaderboard.
		leaderboard.points.Value = 30 --Points after you survive disasters.
		leaderboard.running.Value = true
	function chooseDisaster()
		return items[RandInstance:NextInteger(0, #items)]
	local m = chooseDisaster():Clone()  -----**This is the part that errors after 20 minutes**

	if disasterMessage ~= nil then
		local msg ="Message")
		msg.Name = "DisasterMsg"
		msg.Text = string.format(disasterMessage, m.Name)
		msg.Parent = game.Workspace
		msg.Parent = nil
	m.Parent = game.Workspace.currentmap
	game.Workspace.FakeDoor.Transparency = 1
	game.Workspace.FakeDoor.CanCollide = false = false = false = false
	Particles.df.ParticleEmitter.Enabled = false = false
	Particles.hj.ParticleEmitter.Enabled = false = false = false = false
	print("m added")
	game.Workspace.FakeDoor.Transparency = 0.4
	game.Workspace.FakeDoor.CanCollide = true = true = true = true
	Particles.df.ParticleEmitter.Enabled = true = true
	Particles.hj.ParticleEmitter.Enabled = true = true = true = true
	local Players = game:GetService('Players')

	local Targets = Players:GetPlayers() -- Assigning it as a local is faster.
	for _, Player in ipairs(Targets) do
		local LowerTorso = Player.Character.LowerTorso
		LowerTorso.CFrame =
		if Player.Character.LowerTorso == nil then
			local Torso = Player.Character.Torso
			Torso.CFrame =
		game.StarterPlayer.CharacterWalkSpeed = 16
	print("m removed")

	if leaderboard ~= nil then -- For use with the bts leaderboard.
		leaderboard.running.Value = false

chooseDisaster(disasters, RandInstance:NextInteger(0, #disasters))

Here’s some screenshots of the locations of the script and the folder where the current map is placed in.
Elevator Script - Roblox Studio 6_04_2021 10_55_31 (2) Elevator Script - Roblox Studio 6_04_2021 10_56_19 (2)

I think it may be related to this, as there’s no real 0 index in Luau, so it has to be from 1 to the length of the items table, it’s probably erroring as it randomly gets 0 and it doesn’t find anything with na index of 0 in the table and gets nil, try this

return items[RandInstance:NextInteger(1, #items)]

And see if the erroring stops

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