Script doesn't work well, how can i make it better

So instead of player I will put LocalPlayer because I only have a local player variable.

You don’t even need to put player because roblox gets it for you automatically. That’s why it’s the first parameter no matter what.
This should work

FireClient: player argument must be a Player object still getting this error

local HTTPService = game:GetService('HttpService')

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local Players = game:GetService('Players')

local BunnyFolder = workspace:WaitForChild('BunnysFolder')

local ReplicatedModules = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild('Modules'))
local RemoteModule = ReplicatedModules.RemoteService
local BunnysModule = ReplicatedModules.Bunnys

local SystemsContainer = {  }
local Debounce = {  }

local BunnyTouchedEvent : RemoteEvent = RemoteModule:GetRemote('BunnyTouched', 'RemoteEvent', false)

local selectedData = nil

local Module = {}

function Module:BunnyStack(BunnyID)
	return {
		ID = BunnyID,
		UUID = HTTPService:GenerateGUID(false)

--function Module:SetProperties(parent, propertiesTable, name)
	--local title = parent:FindFirstChild("Title")
	--local icon = parent:FindFirstChild("Icon")
	--if icon then 
		--icon.Image = propertiesTable.Display.Icon
	--if title then
	--	title.Text = propertiesTable.Display.Title.Text
--	end

local DB = false
function Module:CheckBunnyFromID(BunnyID, BunnyName)	
	for i, Bunny in pairs(BunnyFolder:GetChildren()) do
		if Bunny:IsA('Part') and Bunny.Parent == BunnyFolder then
				if DB == false then DB = true
					local LocalPlayer = Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Hit.Parent)
					local Interface = LocalPlayer:WaitForChild('PlayerGui'):WaitForChild('Ui_Interface')
					local FoundBunnyUI = Interface:WaitForChild('BunnyFound')
					local LHUD = Interface:WaitForChild('LHUD')

					--local selectedConfig = selectedData and BunnysModule:GetItemConfig(selectedData.ID)

				--	Module:SetProperties(FoundBunnyUI, BunnyID, BunnyName)
					--LHUD.Visible = false
					--FoundBunnyUI.Visible = true
					--FoundBunnyUI.Visible = false
					--FoundBunnyUI.Icon.Image = 'rbxassetid://4617621496'
					--LHUD.Visible = true
					DB = false
			warn('Touched Part Not From Bunny Folder')

function Module:Init(otherSystems)

	SystemsContainer = otherSystems


return Module

Yes, I think this is perfect but you still may want to add a wait if you want a cooldown

But i am still getting an error

FireClient: player argument must be a Player object - Server - MainBunny:50
Stack Begin - Studio
Script ‘ServerScriptService.BunnyHandler.MainBunny’, Line 50 - Studio - MainBunny:50
Stack End - Studio

Sorry my bad, you need to put player in the first parameter. I’m confusing myself lol

So how would I write this? FireClient(LocalPlayer, Bunny)?

Yes, I think that should work.

No more fire client issues testing right now

it works thank you! goodbye have a great day

Yeah, no problem. Have a great day too!