Script Editor Bug

I don’t know if this is a new update or something, but I can’t exit the script editor without all of my changes being deleted, and when I try to restart studio, it never closes and says that it will close once saved each time.

Anyone having the same issue?

In the video, I changed print(“hello world!”) to script.Parent:Destroy(), and when I closed out and went back in, it changed to print(“hello world!”) again

You have drafts?
It still should work, weird

Nope. Drafts not on. That’s what I suspected at first but then realized it wasn’t even enabled on this game in the first place.

thats really weird, ive never experienced anything like it…

try sending a support thing

Should I maybe move this to studio bugs?

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I suggest you toggle your Wi-Fi.

I had this issue happen to me as well, it seems like Studio started doing this around one week ago.

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Notice the team create connection indicator? It’s red, if you reconnect your Wi-Fi to your computer it will become green.

Hmm. Okay. I’m using a VPN right now, not sure if that’s contributing to the problem or not. I’ll try that.

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oh yeah, your right. ive never knew what that thing meant until now lol. it just made me check mine XD

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Yeah, I had to realize that the hard way!