Script editor closes if a script gets removed in Play Solo

If you have a script in a part and the part falls of the map the editor for that script will close. This is annoying because that means I lose all my undo/redo history.

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I know it’s your development style, but you really shouldn’t be putting scripts into parts… At least, I wouldn’t. Just seems like bad practice to me.

This is probably why I have issues with scripts parented to Archivable=false instances. (create folder in ServerScriptService, set archivable to false, insert script, open script, go into play solo, exit play solo, bam editor closes). Super pain in the rear for what I was using that for. It’d be awesome if this was fixed.

Not every place is designed to be a game. The place in question is just research to see if a technique will solve a problem I have. It’s much easier to make an experimental system on its own that it is to integrate it with your existing code base.


Mine was for use in a plugin, for example.

Can someone fix the typo? Or explain what he means?

He’s saying don’t put your scripts inside of Parts.