Script editor presets don't change several script editor colors

The recently released color presets for the script editor doesn’t properly change some of the script editor colors when changed.

The ones I observed it not changing were:

  • Background Color
  • Selection Color
  • Selection Background Color
  • Error Color
  • Warning Color
  • Find Selection Background Color
  • Matching Word Background Color
  • Whitespace Color
  • Current Line Highlight Color
  • Debugger Current Line Color
  • Debugger Error Line Color

My expectations were that if nothing else, changing back to Default would change all of these colors to their defaults.

To reproduce this issue, change one of the above colors and then go to change to a different script editor color preset. Observe that it will not change the color.

This is happening with Studio version 0.451.0.412446.

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Hey @Dekkonot! The reason we didn’t connect these colors to the presets is because we don’t change them based on the preset, only based on the light/dark theme. Do you find yourself changing these other colors often?

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The last time I adjusted the colors of the code editor, I adjusted these (along with all of the language colors, e.g. String Color): Background Color, Selection Background Color, Find Selection Background Color, Matching Word Background Color, and Current Line Highlight Color.

Background colors can and do change drastically from theme to theme in other editors, so hopefully this isn’t too surprising.


My assumption when I change themes is that every color changes. Every theme that I create, I tweak nearly every single color, including background color, and I expect my theme to always look exactly the same way regardless of my previous settings if I switch to it.

If I have dark themed Studio with a light code theme, but one of my other presets is a dark code theme, I would expect switching to it to apply the appropriate background color + other colors, because otherwise the theme is illegible (dark text on an inappropriate dark background).

Similarly, if I have a red theme with a red tinted background, and one of my other presets is a blue theme, necessarily it should have a blue tinted background.

The colors for the script editor shouldn’t be unexpectedly dependent on Studio theme, they should be packaged with the theme preset.

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This is great feedback, we’ll include this change in the next release :slight_smile: