Script Editor Themes plugin - browse or create script themes, or share them with others


Made a little plugin that allows you to create and save your own script editor themes, or share them instantly with anyone else who has the plugin.

It may still have issues and bugs, let me know.

I plan on adding a loading indicator for the browse menu. Sometimes it can take awhile.

Thanks @grilme99 for the backend


Roblox tested it himself?

Cool plugin by the way.


Is there any difference between this one and this, except its different designs by appearance?

Huge difference. Reason I made this is because others like that require you to DM the plugin creator to add your theme. You can upload your theme for anyone instantly with this. This also has a creation menu with a color table that mimics studios


Fixed a bug, I’d recommend updating the plugin

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How are themes applied? I’d think you would have to apply a theme yourself, wouldn’t you?

To apply a theme just hit the set button in the browse window or my themes, if you’ve created one.
If you mean how do I apply themes programmatically, settings().Studio has write support so I just use settings().Studio[property] = color