Script running in server when server is made

Hello everyone, I noticed a bug on my game.
Whenever a server is made, the scripts run when the player joined, but not when the server is created, messing up some stuff.

For example:

Player A creates a new server.
The game round plays.
The text GUI Changes correctly.

Player B joins Player A.
The text GUI for Player B isn’t timed correctly like Player A.
The text doesn’t change correctly for Player B to play the game.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I’m using GUI and there’s a script inside it that changes the text with a cool down of a certain period of time, and I thought it would be the same for everyone but it is at the beginning for people who join when a game is already being played.

I tried turning off localisation but it didn’t do anything.

You cannot have waits based off when a player joins the game. Players join the game at different times. You need to use remote events to the client to signal when round starts/ends etc.

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