Script wont compare a userid even if it is correct?

I ran into a small problem when comparing a userid in serverscriptservice.

	if id == "91920258" then
		local frame = script.Parent.AdminFrame:Clone()
		frame.Parent = plr.PlayerGui.AdminGui
		plr.PlayerGui.AdminGui.OpenClose.Visible = true
		print("admin validated for:"..plr.Name)

id is the userid I am trying to compare but the if/then statement will not run the code below. when I print the value id it prints exactly 91920258. if I compare plr.Name instead it does run.
is roblox preventing me from comparing userid’s or is there a typo I am overlooking?

You’re representing the ID as a string:
So when you compare an ID in string format against the player’s ID in a number format, the two are seen as unequal. You can fix this by just removing the quotes:

if id == 91920258 then

thanks, I had a feeling I did something wrong.