Scripted Character Keeps Dying

So. The other day I was working with my UTG in Roblox (I’m a Module Script repairer) and I came across this one called the Karma Glitcher. Whenever I loaded it, it would die! So I started delving into the code. I changed and deleted some things and it made it work for a while, but now it is broken again. I don’t know what’s up, and I’m pretty frustrated at this point.
Below is the cursed script and the require command needed to run the module. Oh and also I put the link to the model in the desc. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the script (it’s so long that I had to put it in a txt)(oh and the script name is BANI)

KarmaGlitcherScript.txt (210.3 KB)

Here’s the require - require(5598411945).load(“putyournamehere”)

And here’s the link -