Scripter+ - Easily write the boring and repetitive parts of code!


This plugin was just like my last plugin that I made, but that one was terrible and ROBLOXreleased their new Script Editor API which makes these plugins much better! Right now this API is in beta so you need to enable the feature by going to File > Beta Features > Check off "Script Editor API"


This plugin provides you with 100+ pre-made shortcuts!

You can view your shortcuts by pressing the “Shortcuts” button on the top!


(sorry the UI looks very bad, I am not very good at making UIs)

Click on any of the shortcuts here to see what they do!

You can edit and delete them too.

To add a shortcut, press the “Add Shortcut” button at the top.

All you need to do is write the code for the shortcut and write the shortcut name!


You can set the prefix(default is “;”) by pressing “Home” and pressing “Set Prefix” on the bottom. The only prefixes that you cannot use are “.” and “:” because it sometimes messes up when you index something(like or module:new())

That’s it! I really hope that ROBLOX doesn’t make changes to their API so I don’t have to re-code this but for now it works! Based on how this does, I might make this cost robux because I’ve always made mine free.

Plugin Link: Scripter+ - Roblox

Let me know any bugs or suggestions!


This is… acceptable, I might use it, if I know how to script

The only thing that might not look good are the guis, yes, youve said it, but, yeah