Scripter for hire [OUTDATED]

About Me

Hi there, I am Loki, I have been scripting for around 9 months now. I enjoy scripting and I helped a lot of people. I enjoy scripting GUI’s, stuff to do with HttpService and TweenService.


Here are some screenshots/videos of my work

A work in progress Shop I made.

** A keycard system **

** Fly command **

** A ban database/system with FireBase. **
** A lighting panel **
Lighting Panel Video

I delete some of my videos and pictures of my work, to save space. If you are intrested I can try to find some more pics and DM you them.


Since the times we are are as they are, I got more free time. Depending what you would want to be made, I will see how fast I can do it. I still have some school, but I will try to find some time.


Prices are depending on the asset, but I don’t consider my self the best out there, I mostly charge 100-200 robux, despite the difficulty.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or you can contact me on discord, ItzLokiHere#8008

Thanks for taking you time to read this! :smiley:


Amazing work! You will become a big scripter one day.


I’m interested! yeeterboii14 #5954 is my discord!

Your Discord tag does not work.