Scripter for map render detail level

About Us

Hey there, CFrameCollisions here representing @lollganz, an RHS 2 featured clothing designer. He has amazing designs and a growing community of around 750 people currently.

The Team
@username - Builder and Terrain
@Zug - Scripter
@Lollganz - UI and Project Lead

You can see the current placeholder homestore here:

About The Job

What we’re looking for is a scripter to help us with the V2 homestore we’re making. The placeholder isn’t very good, hence us making V2. One common issue with detailed homestores is the detail inside causes mass lag and makes it so a large portion of the game’s audience can’t run the place. What we’d need you to do is create a script that can locally load either a high-detail or low-detail homestore based on whichever option a player chooses at the home screen. UI is covered by Lollganz.

You will come in to play when I finish the two models in around a month and a half to two.


We can pay in both Robux (through group funds) and in Paypal. Prices are negotiable. Preferred price is:

Paypal: 20 USD
Robux: 5000

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at or, or preferably Discord at CFrameCollisions (Chris)#0284 or lollganz#3299.
You must be 13 years or older to apply if you want to be payed via Paypal.

See you around!

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I’ve dm’d lolganz.

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Good to hear. He’ll be on in 20ish

Via Disc or Twitter?

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