Scripter looking for SMALL work

I am KnockOfScripting a name that is not well know by the community due to I worked in the dark for the longest time on things that are only meant to be for my satisfaction and to help me. I’d like to consider myself quite experienced in scripting.

Things you need to know:
1.) I am not looking to work on a whole game or something that is going to take me longer than 3 days to complete. I have my own project to work on and I need some robux to pay my team for milestones and to get thumbnails for my game.

2.) I charge by the difficulty of the job I do starting at 3k robux but this is a negotiable price if the item isn’t small enough but 1k for the very small things is the lowest.

3.) I would of course like to be respected and not treated like a tool during my time with you(this is the main reason I stopped doing commissions)

4.) CREDIT! Every developer or UI Artist or anyone that works deserves credit for their work. Whether my credit will be in the game’s description, models description or even a twitter post.

5.) My work will speak for itself as I don’t have a lot of new work for you to visibly see. Check my twitter for work if you can find much as I dont just use it as a place to post my work but a place to state my opinion on how I feel about certain things and memes.

Contact Information:
just message me on here.

With Love KnockOfScripting :wink: