SCRIPTER NEEDED | Abel's Restaurant Franchise

Abel’s Restaurant Franchise is a French Cuisine that currently has 400+ members. We are very close to launching And we are currently getting things together!

We are looking for a scripter to rescript all our food models, we just need each model to work like this: You click the model and you get a copy of the model in your inventory that you can hold as a tool.

I am willing to pay about 1-2k robux for this simple task. I can alway increase.

Discord: Trophane#8773

Thanks for reading!


Hello! I can do that for you, I sent you a request on discord. My username is CherryLeChicken#6524 for discord, FizzyColas for roblox.

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I’d be happy to script this for you!

My discord is: Daxominator#4069

I’d be happy to even go as low as 1k robux!


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I can do the work. I will do it for 900 robux. :slight_smile: My discord tag: adminaccount58#3329

Hello, i can do that, my discord: restonic#3334

Are you still in need of a scripter.

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