Scripter needed | Car lights scripter

What we need

We need a scripter who can add GUI buttons to our chassis that control headlights, signals, hazards and when you sit in the driver seat, running lights. They should be scripted as blocks that we can resize and install in every car.


I’m willing to pay about 4k for this.




An example: image

I could do that, message me on forum I’ll send you my portfolio.

I could surelly do that, I added you on discord.

I’m available to help if you still need,

Currently we just need a scripter to do stuff like: Car Store, Car inventory + spawner, ability to sell, job+ payments, claimable houses and more

Payment is 20%.

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I can do that, message me. On forum

Discord only, sorry.


Hello friend, I am interested in the job. I have a car system that can help you, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Can do so - Sent in a Friend Request on discord.

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