Scripter / simple UI designer

Hi! As you know, when people work in a group they can achieve much more than otherwise. Thats why I decided I will create this post, looking for a collaboration with other developers.

About me: I am 17y old guy from Slovenia, with almost 2y of experience of scripting in roblox. I am looking forward to work with someone that has a decent knowledge/skills of what he’s doing, (preferebly with a group of ppl)

What can I do? I am pretty comfident about my scripting and I believe I can script almost anything.
Some of my past work:

This is Tetris I made in 1 week, (really sweat on that challenge)

Three different doors, first two are handled by region3 and thrid is binded to “E”

simple loading screen

mining shop

teleportation system

I can also create functional cars and round sytem with camera manipulation

and this is my ui work, as u can see it aint much but its honest work

PAYMENT: I am not necesserily looking for instant payment for my work. I am rather looking for talented group of people that needs a scripter. I am counting on fair split of percentages when our game is finished.

I am not willing to work on casual simulator or tycoon!

Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in a long term job with me and my team! You can contact my me or my superior on Discord and we can discuss more about the details:

Superior: ChaseKoala#0001
Me: Sparkatic#1876

thanks for the offer, but I will keep looking