[SCRIPTER/MODELER NEEDED] Development team for a shooting game

About Us


Hello fellow devforum members! I am DeLuisively. I want to put together a team that’s on a long term. If you read further, you will see payment, and requirements for the team.

Keep in mind: If you think you can manage several roles that would be helpful.

About The Job

Job Description

This job is going to be long-term, highly collaborative, and fun if we make it that way!
This job is going to be long-term, meaning we will have to work on the game for a lot of time, hopefully the journey will be fun but it will most certainly be hard.

I expect a portfolio from people willing to work for me, as well as an interview over discord. You are NOT required a microphone for the interview, but it will help if you have.

After you are hired

Once you are hired, we’ll have to wait for the whole team to be hired, the work will commence on our game “13 hours”

What our first game will be

A group of United States Marines defend the two US Ambassadors in a compound, from a hord of attackers. (wave system)

“United States Marines” Defend two VIPs, which the attackers are attempting to kill.
Every kill you get, you earn points which you can use to upgrade your loadout.

“The attackers” are all “normal” bots, are armed with AK-47’s.
As the waves progress, the attackers gain more weapons, such as RPG’s, and scoped AK47’s (Better accuracy)

More details about the game is listed under the discord.


For communication, we will be using a discord server with places where devs and our soon to be game community to chat and discuss about topics. If you can, please state your timezone in CEST,, and just make an overall friendly introduction! If you also can, it would be nice if you could use voice chat, but if you can’t, you can just listen and type with the voice chat, or something like that. If you can’t do that, I could just type a summary in the discord channel, if highly needed, but at least try to be able to listen in, because it can help our team a lot more!


The payment will be in group percentages as following

@DeIusively group funds and ads - 12%
@m9ronie Co-Builder -17.5%
@you Scripter - 20%
@you UI Designer 5.5%
@you Modeler - 20%

The rest of the percentages will go to (maybe) more devs in the future, otherwise it will go to the group funds for advertising.

If the game turns out to be trash, I will pay each of you with USD depending on how much work you’ve put into it. The payment in USD can be everything between 20-300 USD per developer.

Payments will also be furthermore negotiated in discord if needed.

Contact Us

You can contact me here at my discord tag, and it would also help if you left a reply saying you are DM-ing me on discord. Discord Tag: delusively#9076
You must be willing to work as a team, work as a long term to apply.

Thanks for reading!
Inspiration for post form, from @DominusInfinitus thanks!


This kind of sounds like the game Black Hawk Rescue Mission. Is that the kind of vibe you are going for?

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Yes the vibe of the game is somewhat similar to Black Hawk Rescue mission.

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That underpay % cut is insane for modeler and scripter. :eyes:

17.5% for a scripter isn’t a terrible pay, and though a scripter is a core component to the team, you do also have to factor in that, naturally, some owners will seek a majority of the revenue. Modelers and builders traditionally receive less than the scripter as well, from what I’ve seen.

I’ve taken that into thoughts and changed the percentages to 20% for both modeler and scripter

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