SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work!


Hi! I think there’s been a slight misinterpretation of what I meant with this post - that and my views are perhaps slightly less extreme as they were when I wrote this post. When I said 50-65%, I meant most games, and at the time of writing this post, most games weren’t as much work for the builders, UI and graphics designers as they are now. However, even for the egg hunt, I would still say the scripting work is worth at least 40% of the total game’s revenue.

I think we’re also getting a bit confused over percentage and USD, if the scripter is getting paid in USD, and that amount is high enough, it’s completely reasonable in my opinion for them to agree on no percentage at all. There’s an inverse correlation between USD payment and percentage payment, since as you said risk plays massively into projects, and that’s for every type of developer; a USD payment with no percentage makes that risk non-existant to the scripter, builder, graphics or UI creators.



I definitely agree with this point. I just wanted to give all people a guide as to what to follow to make sure your work is well valued. I think regardless of what happens, any person of a team shouldn’t settle for less than they think is reasonable for their hard work.



I agree 100%! It’s amazing about how when people are trying to hire scripters they will often try to knock your price down with the excuse of “It’s just an easy script”. If it’s really as easy as they think, they should script themselves and not try to hire a scripter and pay them virtually nothing.



3.5 bucks an hour is below min wage. I’d personally set the rate at 2k minimum (7 bucks an hour).

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As I’ve been reading, I have noticed quite lot. With my friend (she is really close to me, we do loads of stuff together) we develop games. I had started a game where I did not have anyone else to work with, and my building is quite terrible imo.
After I had found out she was a builder herself, she wanted to join and I was like yes please. Since she’s fixed the lobby, built about 3 new maps (working on replacing the others), and has done a lot with the quality of the game.
She has put just as much building effort as I scripting effort, and we are both very content just making games together. Since we’re super close, we just decided split evenly and we’re both very fine with that.
We don’t care much about the profit, more of the experience.
One Saturday we spent 5 hours working on the game together - one of the best Saturdays of my life.
Only reason I wanted to tell this story was because of everything I’ve just read. Yes scripting shouldn’t be undervalued, and it is a lot of work, but when you’re doing something you enjoy, is it actually work? No. When you’re doing something you enjoy it’s fun! I never see scripting as just “more work”, I am just always eager to see when I can do more.
Ok just really wanted to say all of that, from what I’ve read in this topic. :joy:



I am a builder, but I still understand where you’re coming from. I have fun building thats why I price my services so cheap. Sometimes I just drop the charge on people, I guess thats not a good habit though.



I definitely feel that even if you love it, you should be paid a little bit. Even though it may be something you enjoy, your hard work should be paid for, as you did commit time into it. Don’t underestimate your building lol, cause any development component is REALLY important to a game.
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Extremely sad, I go as low at 100 R$ just because no one ever even thinks of hiring me or even contracting me for something.



This is just me, but don’t let yourself be that cheap, unless its a easy to script script. To contribute to the topic, just something that’s been said but should be repeated, don’t let people undervalue your “little script”, they might not even know how complex it actually may be. Also want to point out there’s a difference in small script and an easy to code script.



I loathe this post for this reason. This is dependent on what the scripter is doing versus what the UI & Builder is doing. My game for example, the script is very simple, and the building, ui work, physics work (cars), graphics, and more is all the things I’m doing. I’d say that all the non-scripting tasks I’m doing is into the hundred hours range. The scripting is going to be much less.

Considering most programmers are pushing more and more that they will only work for percent, saying things like that is getting dangerous. Many programmers have this idea that they are being scammed when they don’t have a majority percent of the game, but the problem is they still believe this on games that they aren’t a majority of the work.

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I’m on a game studio of around 8 developers and I’m the scripter. I get 40% of all profit, does that sound alright?

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It basically is weighted on work. There isn’t always a base percent to work for. But imo if your fellow devs think you work hard, I guess go for it. The percent can also be weighed down by the other developers work. Make sure everyone gets a good percent for their work if you own the game.



I’m not the owner, the owner decided to pay me 40% though. Seems alright with the work weightage.



How many of the 8 were one-time contractors that did a small part and were done?

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Two. (Won’t reply for a while, going to sleep)

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This post becomes less and less relevant as time passes, but I’m hesitant to edit it due to how many people have linked to it in other areas e.t.c.

Building, and design in general are slowly but surely becoming more detailed and complex, meaning that scripting is becoming worth less and less of the overall percentage. Realistically, the correct amount I would suggest now would likely be 35-60% Scripter, 35-60% Builder. However, I would still maintain that payment for UI, textures, meshes, tools etc should be taken from the builder’s percentage, not the scripter’s, as these things reduce the workload for the builder.

The problem with pricing is much less common now too - I really did not expect this to pick up so much traction and I use terminology that refers to the point in time it was written at, when it is still being read now, 7 months later. The percentages, of course, vary if paired with a one off payment.

Another important thing is that in a large number of cases the person hiring is at fault, and this applies to both builders and scripters in a lot of situations.



One thing I haven’t seen anyone mention here is the time investment, even if a script is “simple” or “easy” it’s all relative, an experienced programmer can make a lot of things look easy because they have spent months if not years learning how to program, you are also paying this person for the time they spent learning the craft, this is a good story about this, not only are you paying them to do something for you, but you are also paying them for the years of knowledge to be able to do that thing for you.



i remember once i was building for a war group and all they offered me was 1000 robux for making a entire game for them i initially only asked for 5% because i didn’t want to risk them saying no but i accepted the 1000 robux because i felt greedy asking for more.



I’ve had this issue before, It seems like people dont wanna pay alot of money for detailed builds. When i made Cafes / Hotels (Fully done by myself) I got ripped of badly, I was only getting payed 1400 RS for it all. But i was feeling greedy if i went up more, Now i understand this topic I will put up my prices!