SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work!


You absolutely do wonderful work, no doubt, but these bits and pieces come together and are executed in code.

I also personality think it’s easier to learn a particular cartoony design language (UI/3D) than it is to learn RbxLua.


I don’t think this was what he meant - just that graphics does deserve a percentage if it contributes to the project by a large amount.


TIL I’ve been undervaluing myself. I always thought that scripters were much more common than builders and designers. Apparently I was wrong, good article :+1:


Now I’m glad that I learned to Script instead of Building :slight_smile:


Scripters, don’t undervalue themselves(on purpose at least), the people looking to hire scripters undervalue them. If you see a scripter undervaluing themselves, it’s probably because they won’t be hired unless they go low. It’s sad, but if you’re a new scripter then it’s hard to get a start.

Recently I’ve been seeing some project leaders treat scripting as contract work. I feel bad for scripters that have to do this as they deserve at least 50% of earnings.


Being primarily a builder who’s only just starting to get a proper feel for scripting in Lua, I couldn’t agree more. The scripters I’ve worked with on projects in the past never got nearly the credit they should have, though at the time I didn’t quite realize the extent of what they had to do.




I never considered that part.

When more devs are added to a team it means more work for the scripter because they now need to script that extra content.


Eh. That’s not always true. When the scripter accepts a position, they should be entirely aware of the expectations for the game. All of the content should be planned at this point in time, and the rate that the scripter is getting paid at should reflect this.

The additional members of the team are just fulfilling the expectations. If adding members to the team is creating additional work for the scripter, the game isn’t well enough planned to begin with.


This is what we Always needed, Thank You!



The thing is you’re all trying to dictate the price. SteadyOn says scripters should ask for higher prices and you also say prices aren’t where they “should” be.

You don’t understand the nature of supply and demand and pricing. Nobody can really dictate the price, it just naturally finds it’s best spot.

Say there’s 26 hiring offers, and a scripter is comparing them by percentage offered. Obviously he will try to take the best offer, and if that offer is just 30% he will probably still take it because it is the best offer out there at the moment. Now what this thread suggests is that the scripter should not take the offer, because it is not enough. However I believe he should, because 30% is better than nothing.

By supply and demand I mean the market price is what it is, and this thread won’t change anything, because now the offers denied by scripters who read this and want 50%+ will happily be taken by other scripters who are happy with 30%, because it’s better than nothing


There’s a few things here you’re not getting:

  • Unlike building, music, graphic design and UI; scripting is NOT best judged at face value. You hire any of the aforementioned developers and you can see exactly what they’ve done, and the quality of it. If you’re not a scripter there’s no way of telling how good a scripter’s code is in terms of security and efficiency, despite the fact that I would argue they’re equally as important as whether or not the code works properly. Therefore, the equilibrium ‘correct market price’ that has been settled is in fact not a fair equilibrium price as although it appears scripters are cheaper; what’s really happening is that people are getting worse scripters because those who are better scripters will often go and start their own projects or demand more from the person offering the job. I’m saying that because this illusion has been going on for so long, good scripters have started to believe that this false equilibrium price is the real, correct price for scripting, when it’s not. The amount a scripter contributes to a game and the percentage they receive should be the same, but that’s not what’s happening here.

  • You’re not factoring in self-made or self-run projects as part of the demand, which you should be. You describe a scenario where a scripter will just take a job because they have to, but that scenario doesn’t always exist. Many scripters will go and run or make their own projects instead of working on someone’s project who is paying what is essentially below the real market equilibrium value.

The prices people are offering are not the real market price.


Value is subjective. Price is always determined by the best ask and offer. Accept it, cus it won’t change


I’m not going to continue with this because clearly you believe that a theory (which is usually correct) applies in all cases with no evaluation of the situation. It appears you disagree with me for the sake of disagreement and are blocking out any points I make with the exact same response every time of ‘Supply and Demand kid, learn it’.

I’m completely aware of how supply and demand works, but you need to widen your scope when evaluating this to see that the current market price is not the equilibrium you think it is.




I agree with everything said.


>says won’t continue
>goes on to continue

I wasn’t trying to disagree, I just wanted to point out that this thread won’t change anything :woman_shrugging:
It won’t change anything because supply and demand applies to anything you can think of, whether you like it or not


It depends, would rather hire a good scripter and give them 50% or a worse scripter for 30%


While how much you want to get paid and how much you accept is definitely a personal choice this “rant” isn’t very well founded. You can’t have a game with out every essential piece and no one essential piece is more important than the next. If you follow the idea that you are more important than everyone else you’ll have a hard time getting more experience and growing your career. Its not “more work” for the programmer, it’s “more work” for the game.

Business is business and your work has a price. Supply and demand is a law that you can’t go around. Overvaluing it and maintaining the superiority complex over the one part that you do yourself is only going to limit yourself and not the next guy.


What a lot of people forget is that the scripters need to maintain the project/code after it has been written.

Everybody puts effort into a project, but not everyone does as much as the scripters.
A builder makes a town and it’s put into the map. The builder moves on to the next thing they need to build.
A scripter makes a gun system. The scripter now has to edit the scripts whenever a new gun is made, they also need to ensure that it continues working as intended. Roblox update broke the script? The scripter needs to fix it. One of the things which is almost always glossed over is the fact that the scripters have to deal with bugs too. You can’t make a script and then test it once or twice and leave it after that. There will always be bugs which the scripters will need to fix, sometimes even months after the script was created.