SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work!


Too late, it already has,


This thread makes extremely good points and I’m sure everyone who has read this (except one individual) will use the information they read here in the future subconsciously. Far too many times I’ve seen people get offered a low percentage (10%-20%) to script an entire game, and accept, purely because they have no other offers.


Firstly I just want to say that I do not have any kind of superiority complex and accusing me of that is just a childish way of having a discussion, expecting to be paid a fair amount for something is not the same as wanting to be paid than one deserves for it.

That’s just not true. Although there are essential pieces of a game, it doesn’t mean that each essential piece should be paid the same amount no matter how much work goes into it.

You’re viewing each essential piece as equal, that’s not the case. Sure, you can’t have a game without building, but if the builder spends 10 hours building something, and a scripter spends 100 hours scripting the game, why should they be paid the same amount?

One other thing I always see people saying is that ‘Oh, this took you hardly any time to script, why do I have to pay you so much?’, because scripting takes an absolutely massive amount of prior experience and knowledge before you’re able to script something at that speed. I think since people have a hard time understanding the comparative difficulty of different scripting tasks, they use time as their reference, which sucks as no one judges a builder’s work by how long it took them to build, or a graphic designer’s work by how long it took them to make.

I’ve already answered the supply and demand argument here;


Someone wanted to pay me 4$-7$ or 1000R$ to code their salon game and got v mad when I said I would do it for £200 :joy:


Hahaha /r/forexposure

Too often do people ask me to script very complex things ‘for credit’, but it’s kind of to be expected as people who do that are likely very young children who don’t really understand the work which goes into it.


I’d like to add to this, sort of…

If you’re a new scripter (no not as in you just started, but as in you have not finished a game to release before) then this advice is especially important to listen to.

As you work on the very first game you will come to publish you will see the difficulties and the amount of effort really is needed to make a game, sure you’ve made a lot of games but never finished them before but thats just because you’re doing stuff you’ve been capable of doing all along but the hard part is actually that push to finish the game completely as it needs refining and tuning and a lot of tedious work THAT is what will open you eyes as it did for me (personally speaking)

Who knows maybe you run into other issues but its all the same the stuff that you’ve been able to accomplish is just the first step that you haven’t been able to get past, but once you’ve finished a game you would be able to look back and see how much experience you’ve gained just from doing that last push.

Don’t undervalue yourself as a scripter, but at the same time PLEASE don’t overvalue yourself and underpay others…


I don’t undervalue myself as I know I’m not good at this lol.


Well, theres lots and lots of ways to improve, this is what this place is for! all you need is motivation and drive :wink:


Agreed! There is definitely a balance, and there is occasionally the case where scripters overvalue their work and undervalue builders etc.

As a scripter (as I’m sure you’ve already experienced), once you have fully made a few games, you will understand the difference between the massive amount of refinement and tediousness it takes to make an entire game, and messing around with stuff on a baseplate (which is invaluable experience, but not the same as making an entire game).


How would you adjust this for a team like Blockplex where there are 10+ of us with unique roles (some of us having multiple, like myself)?


The last person I collaborated with totally explains this. We were working on a game that should have been simple and only taken like a month or two to make, but coding is coding. It took us like 8 months because of all the crazy little things people ignore when it comes to coding. Bugs, strange physic things, etc. were some of the problems with it.

Luckily he was very understanding and even paid me extra, but it just goes to show that even I, the scripter, thought it would be simple and it wasn’t. I definitely agree that scripters should get a huge chunk for their contributions.


Depends on the roles - do you mean 10 scripters? Depends on the game, but I would say that it doesn’t matter how many roles there are, it’s what they contribute to the game. Don’t try and pay each role the same, it should be completely up to how much it contributes to the game.


Thanks for bringing up this point. I know some users don’t understand this, and I hope this gets out to more people.


Sounds like you were taking a job from the Hidden Developer’s Discord server. No hate on the server, but the hiring section is full people low-balling for work.


Honestly, I really do feel, scripting ties the game together, building and art are really nice as well, but when it comes to game creation, there really can not be a game without scripting.


Morning Aidan. You’re completely right about HD about it’s such a small, underwhelming group of inexperienced devs that it just isn’t fair to assume anything


Personally I think it really depends on the game, I can think of alot of games where most of the work involved is building and design work.
Some games for example have large quantities of maps, I for example was working on a game where they change out the maps every few weeks to add variety.
I often find its builders who’s work is often undervalued, but I guess that’s due to the large number of “mid level” builders who are willing to work for free…
I’m primarily a builder so biased obviously…


I’m surprised to see this, but on the same token I agree with multiple things.
At the same time I follow the same two scripter ideal, only I slightly variate it with a web designer which has some impact on the Lua game side, but more or less the same two scripter portion there.

Prices I can see, a lot of the cheaper ones are either having issues getting their name out there or a lot of scamming situations because a guy knows how to modify the code but that’s about it.
Generally speaking that is.


For those doing commissions, I believe the one good way to determine a good price for each of any of the scripts (this is valid for every aspect of development though) is:

  • Measure actual work time. @BuildIntoGames’ plugin does the job for you. (I might pull out an upgraded version): - over time, that will give you a solid estimative of how many work hours do you take to create a script that takes X skill and Y experience.

  • Define an price/hour (hours that you have actually been working on the commission, procrastinating is cheating!) based on your skillset. As an intermediate - advanced scripter with UI experience, I have been lately taking 1000 - 1500 robux as reference (3.5 to 5.25 dollars through DevEx). Depending on the difficulty of it, or if you have to ship other features aswell (for example, design the UI aswell) you are to adjust it. It is a good idea to set a price in dollars and convert it to Robux --> R$ = $/0.0035

  • When estimating a price, estimate how much time without procrastinating would you take to finish it. Then do the magic multiplication. A 2 hour script would be 2000 - 3000 robux in my case.

Of course that we are not counting taxes, ideally your commissioner has the funds in dem group.

What are your methods?


I get messaged with people keep spamming me: We'll give you 60% game income The only issue is I would accept it but your payment is very unstable as I don’t know how much revenue your game can make. This is something every person hiring should know regardless if you’re hiring a scripter. Give the person you’re hiring a ground pay like 2K robux or 1K robux so we can feel for sure that our work is gonna be paid for.


i kinda have to disagree with one of your point :

since you’re receiving “60%”, there is no doubt that you Clearly do more than half of the work overall,
at this point, you can’t be still ignorant whenever the game is going to flop or not, the game is relying MUCH MORE on the scripting than any other kind of content the game have,

Cause honestly, not much common players are really paying attention to the buildings, and neither the top game have outstanding constructions as they also want their game attracted by Anyone, Animations are generally inexistant, UI Design can be awful, as long people know what to do, they’ll still play the game regardless,

ONLY the scripting requires to be stable and functional without exceptions

this is also probably why the best option is that scripters “lead” the game, but yes this is just my opinion.