SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work!

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SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work!

If you ask me - scripting is what ties almost any game together, of course, there’s building, there’s UI, there’s characters, graphics, music; these are all very valuable game components - but what brings it all together and manages everything else? Code!

Of course, there are exceptions to this, but in my experience, most games are heavily dependent on scripts - much more than anything else. To those who don’t code, it is hard to see what a scripter should be paid, so here’s some basic pricing:

For projects with 2 people:
UI and Building: 35%-50%
Scripting (Including UI scripts): 50% - 65%

For the same project but with more people and some extra features:
Translations etc: 5%-10%
Graphics: 5% - 25%
UI and Builders: 30% - 50%
Scripting (Including UI scripts): 40% - 65%

edit: I would like to stress that every project is different, please stop sending hate to recruitment posts with rates that are slightly different to this

Rarely should the scripter have anything taken from them for additional people joining the project - you know why? Because more content in the project means more work for the scripter! As a builder, a graphic designer, a translator or a music composer, you do one thing (not devaluing their work in any way), and it’s done with, it doesn’t matter what everyone else does, because that will be building onto what you’re doing. As a scripter, you’re constantly having to change your code, write new code, re-organize and structure things as other members of the team add to the project.

Some more advice I would give is that it’s almost always a good idea to never go above 2 scripters, if you have two scripters, make sure they’re doing very different things; e.g. One does client, one does server or One does core round management and data storage, loading and store, while the other does something like tools and map scripting.

Now, as a non-scripter, you might be thinking: “Well, why should I care? I get code for much cheaper than if I paid scripters more, therefore I’ll keep doing this and force scripters to join my project out of lack of options”. The problem here is that with scripting especially, you get exactly what you pay for, there is a massive gap between good, efficient and secure code, and crappy, exploiter inviting, inefficient code, the problem is, as a non scripter, it’s going to be hard for you to identify this difference with no knowledge of code.

I say the pricing is important especially with scripters partly because the ability to script gives you freedoms that many other roles don’t - If I’m not getting offered enough to script a game, I’ll just make my own, there are plenty of game ideas that rely only on scripting, a little building (which can either be contracted or done by the scripter) and some basic UI.

Lastly, a message to fellow scripters - don’t undersell yourself. The prices you see people offering are almost always too low, don’t get tricked into developing for someone who isn’t paying you enough, in general it’s better to accept lump sums than percentages, but if you do accept a percentage, make sure it’s AT THE BARE MINIMUM(for most projects) 40%+, ideally more than 50%.

Sorry to rant,

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Scripters should be to ones leading groups as they know what needs to be done and how to put everything together. I’ve found that when builders lead groups it leads to underpay and vagueness when telling scripters what they want.


I’ll program your game for 100% cut

But yes I agree


Completely agree - it’s one of the worst things that can happen in a project. (When an inexperienced builder takes charge - some builders are very good at running projects when they have experience)


agree !! nice post!


sorry too low - how about 250%?


Ima take (10^100)% of the game revenue for a print("Hello World!")!!1!

Jokes aside, that’s a “nice” rant. Every scripter should be aware of this.


Supply and demand learn it


This isn’t demand and supply at work - it’s ignorance; read this part

What’s also important here is that developing games yourself makes up part of the Demand.


Well then advertise your good reputation. The way I see it you’re trying to tell other scripters to accept higher offers so that u can get higher offers instead of accepting your market value derived from supply and demand.

This isn’t something u can change, learn to accept it and find ways around it (for example reputation building). It’s a good lesson for life :slight_smile:


I’m not doing this for my own financial gain - I almost never take projects with a percentage myself, I just make games on my own and commission builders if I need to. Doing this I’ve found great success, and it’s success I don’t believe I would’ve found if I had taken offers that undervalue the work of scripters.

I’m saying this because I believe the undervaluing of scripters is damaging game development on Roblox in general, scripting differs from everything else in that you can’t take it for face value, as I said, there’s a big gap between bad and good code, although from the perspective of a builder or UI designer it may seem that they are no different. This is not meant to help scripters exclusively, it’s meant to help everyone understand how paying for scripting works and what you’ll get for your money.


I’ve always thought this. Scripters should definitely be paid the most on the dev team. obv biased sue me As far as the number of scripters, you also need to make sure the people you employ to code your game have positive experience with each other. More often than not, in my low level experience, if you pit me with another guy I’ve never met or had a casual chat with, we’ll waste time arguing over optimizations or dumb things like whether to assign remote names or obfuscate scripts. There’s also the added skill gap. I personally think I have good API knowledge up to the level of sircfenner and EmeraldSlash, but I’m of no use when it comes to complicated math.


I don’t think I understand your argument at all. It seems to me more of an aggression “Shut up your point is invalid, learn about supply and demand”.


While the post is nice and all it depends on what the scripter is doing. I wouldn’t pay someone the same for UI programming as I would full game logic, would I?

Also the “supply and demand” I also feel doesn’t fit here, because while there is a supply and demand of developers, not every developer is created equal. There are bound to be large skill differences and overall too many variables to just slap a marketing label on it and call it a day.

But again, it mostly depends on the scripter’s reliability, skill, and amount of work expected to put in.


Completely agree.


The point of “supply and demand” doesn’t seem to be valid here - even if it was valid, I believe the demand for good scripters is not that low and the supply of good scripters is not that high - by “good” I mean not only an advanced and experienced guy, but also somebody that is able to think on the whole picture, think rationally, and quickly draw a sketch of a system - that helps in the timeframe.

For an example, at the time at this posting, 26 scripter hiring offers were posted in the last 24 hours at Hidden Developers’ discord server (roughly ~5k members), not counting with the guys that hit your DM’s. I think that proves the demand isn’t low, and therefore the price shall not be.


Kinda off topic but please god never give someone a % for translating your game or making graphics. These should be contracted things.


I meant like in-game item graphics, tool icons, UI icons etc on top of the thumbnails, gamepasses, and icon. Depends on the game but some rely heavily on graphics like @Younite’s (for example the 2018 egg hunt).

The % for ‘translation etc’ was more for anything else you’re looking for that’s a small thing like translations. I guess I sort of meant that’s the kind of money you should allocate to those kind of jobs put together out of your game’s revenue.


Graphics have just a role in building and scripting when you’re designing the final product, and should have as much of a chance to be on the payout page!


If it’s such a big role then yeah of course. I just meant if they’re only doing like a thumbnail every 3 months or something lol