ScriptersCF Gamejam Plugin Information

When participating in a ScriptersCF gamejam event, it is now mandatory for you to have our new gamejam plugin installed and running during the entire development of your game.

The plugin is capable of doing the following:

  • Detecting cheating and rule breakages
  • Providing time reminders, so you don’t run out of time
  • Giving you the theme at the start of the event
  • Stopping you from making changes to your game at times that you’re not allowed to


Q: Is this safe/secure?
A: Absolutely! The download link redirects you to the Gamejam.rbxmx file, which is stored on a GitHub page. This plugin will never store information externally, and does not create a backdoor for exploiters. We would never try to cause security risks on your game, we take your game’s security very seriously! If, on the unlikely occasion, an flaw is found, you will be instructed to use the “Remove” button, which will remove all traces of the plugin from your game.

Q: I’ve heard about plugins that infect games, is it possible for this plugin to infect my game?
A: As long as you use the link provided, no. Plugins with the intention to infect your game are generally clones of popular plugins that are available in the plugin library. There is no way for our plugin to be affected by this, unless you try to get the plugin from the Roblox website, which we have not uploaded it to.

Q: Couldn’t we just remove or modify the plugin?
A: We have done what we can to make it more difficult for you to manipulate the plugin. Being client-sided, unfortunately exploiting the plugin is still possible, regardless of what we do. If you are caught attempting to bypass the plugin during an event, or sharing a method to bypass it, you will be banned without warning. Please just remember that our gamejams are supposed to be fun learning experiences, not ways to make easy money through a fraudulent manner. There are lots of ways for us to determine whether you have attempted to cheat through the plugin, which will not be disclosed.

Q: How do I install/use the plugin?
A: Installation is simple! All you have to do is download the file linked above, and then drag it into your plugin folder, which can be found at Plugins -> Plugin Folder (Image: To use the plugin, create a brand new place and switch on HTTP requests as requested by the plugin (Image: Then, enter your team’s unique six-digit code and follow the instructions to continue!

Q: How does this work for teams using team create?
A: All participants must have the plugin installed to work on your game. If a member doesn’t have the plugin running, you will be unable to continue your game until it’s found to be running again.

Q: What happens if I don’t use the plugin?
A: Unfortunately, failure to use the plugin will result in immediate disqualification. The purpose of the plugin is to ensure that everyone is participating fairly, please don’t try to ruin it for everyone else!

Q: Will this affect my other games?
A: No, the plugin can only be activated on brand new places that you explicitly declare as gamejam submissions after typing in a unique code.

Q: How do I remove the plugin from my game?
A: You can use the “Remove” button found in the plugin toolbar section (Image: You should only use this if you don’t intend to submit your place, or after the winners have been announced. If you use it for any other reason, your game will be disqualified.

Gamejam Plugin v1.1 Updates:

  • Instance names are now no longer affected by the plugin, so there should be no interferences.
  • The plugin can now be used on places that have previously had instances added by other plugins.
  • The performance issue for Team Create participants has been identified and fixed.
  • Events are now handled by a Discord bot and six-digit codes are added automatically.
  • General security improvements.

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